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Acephali is a Greek word meaning "Without head". The term acephalous is given to legendary races who do not have a head, with their facial features residing in their torso. The blemmyes have been situated in wars going back more than a thousand years ago. This is how Argost can easily train it as a bodyguard, but the blemyae were known for their art and good nature. They don't usually fight, unless provoked. The blemyae are also intelligent to a point.


The Acephalite was one of Argost's many cryptids he keeps at Weird World. The Acephalite worked as a body guard for Argost leading to believe that he was used to lift heavy things and other tasks, (such as getting things for Argost possibly leading to Kur),and also try to scare people to give them what they want, (such when Argost brought him to make Zak give him a replica of the Kur Stone).

        The acephalite( Blemyah) was seen in the secret saturdays Beasts of the fifth sun. A tribe of them was attacking the Azazel in the Desert level.

Real World Information

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