Agent Epsilon
Agent epsilon
General Information
Species Human
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Sonic Collar
Relatives Francis (son)
Voice Actor Brian Stepanek
First Appearance The Kur Stone:Part One
"Everyone has a file."
―Agent Epsilon in The Swarm At The Edge Of Space

Agent Epsilon is one of The Secret Scientists and a friend of Drew Saturday and Doc Saturday. He made his first appearance in The Kur Stone:Part One. He is voiced by Brian Stepanek.


Not much is known about Agent Epsilon, other than he is one of the seven Secret Scientists that survived the assault on Argost's mansion when an attempt to recover the Kur Stone was made eleven years ago. In The Unblinking Eye, it is revealed he is a clone of the greatest spy his people found 100 years ago.

He recently encountered the Saturdays and introduced them to his son, Francis. Epsilon mentioned that he is a single parent. First seen in a flashback in The Kur Stone:Part One, he reappears in Paris is Melting with some of his "people". He tries to stop, with Arthur and Miranda, the Saturdays when he thinks they are turning evil. At the end, he takes the blame for what the Mondays did. His whole team seems to have weapons called sonic collars.
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Notable Equipment



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