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Vital statistics
Species Ahuizotl
Habitat Mexico
First appearance The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl
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The Ahuizotl is a 7 foot tall primate-like cryptid with a 15 foot long tail, that has a large hand at the end, and is said to have a thousand eyes. It made its first and only appearance in The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl.


The hand can apparently steal your eyes. When it steals your eyes, it seems to suck, or rip, them out of your their sockets. It is a creature which was sealed in the tomb of an Aztec pyramid, deep in the jungles of Mexico, hundreds of years ago. It has orange "eyes". In the show, it appears to be blind. Since it is blind, it must need others' eyes in order to see. The locals seem to sacrifice peoples' eyes to the Ahuizotl, so that it doesn't take theirs'. The Ahuizotl appears to have grayish colored fur. It pretends to cry like a baby to lure victims in. Ahuizotl lives near or in water and when its prey, typically humans, come close it uses its tail to drown its victim and steal their eyes. The only way to protect yourself from Ahuizotl is to not let it see your eyes. After the events in Antarctica, it appears to have awakened and started stealing peoples eyes again. There are possibly more wild Ahuizotl living in the jungle. The "thousand eyes" refers to the eyes it has stolen. Even though the basis of this creature is to feed on the essence of eyeballs, this creature has been known to devour any soft, tender part of a creature's body.

It was described as dog-like, with hands capable of manipulation and an additional hand on its tail. The Ahuizotl was feared due to its liking for human flesh, especially nails, eyes, and teeth. It was said to live in or near the water and uses the hand on the end of its tail to snatch its prey.

The Ahuizotl included within Book 11 of the Florentine Codex, which describes it as:

". . .very like the teui, the small teui dog; small and smooth, shiny. It has small, pointed ears, just like a small dog. It is black, like rubber; smooth, slippery, very smooth, long tailed. And its tail is provided with a hand at the end; just like a human hand is the point of its tail. And its hands are like a raccoon's hands or like a monkey's hands. It lives, it is a dweller in watery caverns, in watery depths. And if anyone arrives there at its entrance, or there in the water where it is, it then grabs him there. It is said that it sinks him, it plunges him into the water; it carries him to its home, it introduces him to the depths; so its tail goes holding him, so it goes seizing him . . . [When the body is retrieved] the one it has drowned no longer has his eyes, his teeth, and his nails; it has taken them all from him. But his body is completely unblemished, his skin uninjured. Only his body comes out all slippery-wet; as if one had pounded it with a stone; as if it had inflicted small bruises . . . When it was annoyed—had caught no one, had drowned none of us commoners—then was heard as if a small child wept. And he who heard it thought perhaps a child wept, perhaps a baby, perhaps an abandoned one. Moved by this, he went there to look for it. So there he fell into the hands of the Ahuizotl, there it drowned him . . ."



  • Ahuizotl appears to have a slight, more darker resemblance to the Pokémon Aipom from the Pokémon game and anime series.
  • Ahuizotl's vocal effects were provided by Fred Tatasciore.
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