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Airship Saturday

"So the prehistoric insects fossilized in amber act as a supercell for the solar energy?"
―The mayor of Sanctuary 2

The Saturdays' super-fast airship, built by Doc Saturday, is the family's main mode of transportation when traveling the world. It is equipped with a far-range satellite communication antenna. It can withstand high atmospheric pressure.

The Saturdays' airship runs on solar energy and produces no pollution, they get the energy through a Solar Collector on the top of the airship combined with stored energy from the supercell. The Monday Airship,however, runs on darkness. This makes it near impossible to use it in this dimension.

Neither the Saturdays' nor the Mondays' airship requires filling any type of fuel (excluding by technicality energy made via solar panels). Presumably, their engines are some form of coil motor that interacts with the Earth's electromagnetic field.

The ship is armed with minimal means of defence (only a few missiles on the pylons), and due to poor maneuverability, not suitable for aerial combat. To compensate for this shortcoming, Doc Saturday created a "parasitic" fighter named the "Griffin", which is stored in the ship's hangar.

The ship's hull, paradoxically, is strong enough to withstand a fire.

In addition, thanks to Komodo's camouflage ability, the airship can be rendered temporarily invisible. This use of his physical capabilities,however,tends to annoy Komodo.

Areas Seen

  • Zak's 2nd bedroom
  • Doc and Drew's 2nd bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • The Main Control room
  • Weapons vault
  • The Greenhouse level


  • So far,the Saturday airship has been seen in nearly every episode in the series.
  • Sometimes the airship acts as a second home to the Saturdays.
  • Ever since the Saturdays HQ incident occurred, the airship as of now is the interim home for the Saturdays.
  • It is unknown how or when Doc first invented it, but we do know he's had it since he and his wife first invaded Weird World 12 years ago.