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Alkali Lake Monster
Vital Statistics
Species unknown
Habitat sea
Type Large Crocodile
Abilities Aquatic breathing

super strength

Status unknown
First appearance Van Rook's Apprentice

Lake Monster

The Alkali Lake Monster is a large crocodile-like creature that lives in Alkali Lake. Its first appearance was in Van Rook's Apprentice.


It gives off a strong stench. The Alkali Lake Monster also possesses a horn which is very easy to break off and can grow back like a shark's tooth.

It appeared in Van Rook's Apprentice and the video game Hunt for the Kur Stone.


Alkali Lake Monster Horn

The Alkali Lake Monster horn is large and hollow, and is able to produce a deep, loud sound. This sound, when played in front of Kur's tomb, opens a stone door, allowing access to the tomb.


  • It is seemingly very territorial, as it consistently attacked anyone in its lake (The Saturday family and the bounty hunters that actually meant to attack it).
  • The horn (as stated above) is seemingly easy to break off, and is assumed to regrow like a shark's tooth (as Zak asked if it would be ok without it).
  • Oddly, beneath the fallen horn there are several tentacle-like appendages that it can use to attack with. The horn itself might be tightly wound and hardened tentacles much like hardened hair on a rhino's nose.
  • Has a very pungent odor that seemingly turns the water around it green(er) than usual.