Vital Statistics
Species Unknown
Habitat Allegheny Mountain
Type Green Giant
Abilities Enhanced biology
Affiliations Argost's Army
Status Unknown
First appearance Food of the Giants
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The Allegewi is a cryptid that lives in the Allegheny Mountain range that cuts through the United States and Canada. It made its first appearance in Food of the Giants.


It is highly intelligent and appear to use tools and primitive cloth. It has also appeared to hunt for self entertainment rather than for survival , like some primates, like chimpanzee they capture there prey and then releases them in order to catch them again. It also was seen attacking Paris under Argost's orders in War of the Cryptids. These giants were remembered in history for their places in great wars. They were also called the " Mound Builders." This is how they could bury the fallen. They would decorate the mounds with pottery, weapons, and certain personal items. These were extremely intelligent creatures.


Real world relatives

It is described as a hairy giant race that lives in the Allegheny Mountain and eats human flesh. Some people report it being a large lizard man. They live in caves near the top of the mountains and the are predatory, they prefer to hunt for their meal. The Allegewi were related to the earlier discovered Adena tribe. They were said to be some of the largest Native Americans of North America. These locals were separated from others by their prominent chins and cranial cavities. They were also some of the strongest and best dieted Native Americans alive; ranging from 15-25 ft. tall. These race of humans were pronounced extinct by the over-kill of white settlers and "The Trail of Tears."

Points of interest

  • About 30 tons of weight.
  • Many hunt for self-entertainment other than for surviving.
  • Can use some tools, like sticks or rocks, but unlike other primates, they do not make them.
  • Make primitive cloth from pelts of its prey.
  • Have green algae in his hair that give him green color (real color unknown) perhaps blue or yellow.
  • It is a real giant, so maybe giants only live in the Western Hemisphere.


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