Arthur Beeman
Arthur Beeman
Voice Actor Jeff Bennett
First Appearance Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner
"These are all fakes... hoaxes. Amateurs! Where's the erratic flight patterns? The high frequency sound waves? The power fluctuations, at least put some effort into it!"
―Dr. Beeman, reviewing UFO "footage"

Dr. Arthur Beeman is one of The Secret Scientists and a friend of Drew Saturday and Doc Saturday. He made his first appearance in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner.


Dr. Beeman is an expert on U.F.O. and alien phenomenon; Although some people would use the word obsessed instead. He will gladly talk about his studies for hours on end.

Upon seeing what he believed to be a UFO, he said "Sweet Galvan Prime!" (Galvan Prime being the home planet of the Galvan species from the Ben 10 series), along with "Welcome back boys" which may imply that he has had previous contact with aliens (Possibly the Galvan). According to Doc Saturday, Dr. Beeman broke a crop circle code in 2003 which saved the Earth from invasion.

Dr. Beeman travels in a craft that resembles a flying saucer. It's not currently known if it is alien in origin.

Every time he appears he always makes fun of Zak some how. In most appearances, he makes fun of Zak's hair by calling him "skunk due" and likewise. In The Underworld Bride, when Zak Saturday and Ulraj come in fighting he makes fun of him trying to make friends. Seen in Cartoon Network Action Pack Escape from Weird World.

He was at the meeting in Eterno.

He reappears in "Paris is Melting." He tries to stop, with Epsilon and Miranda, the Saturdays when he thinks they are turning evil.

In The Kur Stone:Part One, He is one of the Scientists after Zak, giving him a new nickname; Frankenhair.


Nicknames (mostly for Zak)

  • Frankenhair
  • Spikeylocks (a pun of Goldylocks)
  • Pandahair
  • Porcuperm
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Hairgel
  • Merlin (for Gokul)
  • Viperella (for Rani Nagi)
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy (for Fiskerton)
  • Haircut
  • Skunk Due
  • Spikey
  • Fruitface (For The Melon Heads)
  • Werewhiskers (Woody)


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