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Dr. Arthur Beeman
Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner Beeman.png
General Information
Species Human
Age Late 30s/Early 40s
Affiliations Secret Scientists
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Force Blaster
Voice Actor Jeff Bennett
First Appearance Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner
"Negative, Viper-ella. Nobody's going to snake-tropolis to become Super Kur. Porcu-perm is coming with us."
Dr. Beeman in The Legion of Garuda

Dr. Arthur Beeman is one of The Secret Scientists and a friend of Drew Saturday and Doc Saturday. He made his first appearance in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner.


Dr. Beeman is a tall man with a cut jaw and has dark black hair that's been shaved on the sides and combed to the front. He is always seen wearing glasses with a pink tint, although it is unknown if they are prescription lenses or not.

He has a light-blue jacket that is the same shade as his pants, with a darker blue as his shirt and a utility belt slung across his torso. His shoes are black.


Dr. Beeman is incredibly sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor. He gives nicknames to almost everyone and everything. His voice is always very flat, making it difficult to tell if he's joking or not.

He's very methodical with his research and will watch fake U.F.O. videos for hours and hours on end to determine if they are real or not. He's very to the point and will not waste time with small-talk or beating around the bush.


Dr. Beeman is an expert on U.F.O. and alien phenomenon, although some people would use the word obsessed instead. He will gladly talk about his studies for hours on end. According to Doc Saturday, Dr. Beeman broke the Drodzian crop circle code in 2003, which saved the Earth from invasion. It is implied that he has been in contact with aliens before.

Dr. Beeman travels in a craft that resembles a flying saucer. It's not currently known if it is alien in origin.

His first appearance was as part of a flashback in The Kur Stone: Part One, mentioning that he is one of the fifty Secret Scientists who broke into Weird World the first time and one of the seven that survived.

Dr. Beeman's first present appearance was in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner, which Doc called him in to babysit Zak and Fisk while Doc and Drew were out at dinner for their wedding anniversary. Zak, sick of logging all of his fake U.F.O. footage, sets up a convincing U.F.O. sighting using Zon's help to get Beeman away for the evening. It works, but he reappears at the end of the episode, having realized that he was played. He doesn't seem upset with them and Fiskerton hugs him with relief after what they went through while Beeman was gone.

He was at the meeting with the other Secret Scientists in Eterno, attempting to help fix the issue of water turning to salt in the Middle East. Dr. Beeman helped Zak and Wadi get into the cave of the Methuselah Tree.

In The Underworld Bride, he directs the Saturday family to an unidentified "organic" creature flying over New Guinea.

He reappears in Paris is Melting. Believing that Fiskerton is attacking Secret Scientists, he and Miranda and Epsilon's People attempt to capture him and fight the Saturdays when they show resistance.

As of Kur: Part One, he is one of the Scientists after Zak upon having found out, at some point, that he is Kur. From this point on, he is considered an antagonist, although Dr. Beeman is acting for the purpose of saving the world from Kur.

In The Legion of Garuda, Beeman, along with Miranda and Professor Mizuki, attack the Saturday family as they are trying to dig up the Epic of Gilgamesh. He mocks Doc for trying to find a "magic, mumbo cure for Kur." Later, when the Saturdays make the mistake of using the Flute of Gilgamesh on Zak, Dr. Beeman helps them stop Gokul in order to keep Zak from dying during the ceremony. He wants to capture Zak at the end of the episode anyway but stands down in the face of the Saturdays and the naga. Dr. Beeman expresses interest in recovering the Flute of Gilgamesh, "just in case."

In And Your Enemies Closer, Beeman captures a Revolving Beast and calls on the Saturdays when it proves too much for them to handle and begins tearing apart his lab. In exchange for their help, he gives them seven months with his guarantee that he won't try to capture Zak. He is just as shocked as everyone else when it's revealed that Zak was working with Argost the whole time.

During the War of the Cryptids, Dr. Beeman uses a recording of the music from the Flute of Gilgamesh to neutralize both Zak and Argost. It works, but he shows no concern with the idea that it might be "too much" and end up killing them both. In the end, Miranda has to destroy his playback device in order to make him stop, launching Beeman into the wall of his ship. He's never seen after this, so it can be assumed that the Saturday family did not end up forgiving him as they did with Miranda and Paul.



  • Upon seeing what he believed to be a UFO, he said "Sweet Galvan Prime!" (Galvan Prime being the home planet of the Galvan species from the Ben 10 series), along with "Welcome back boys" which may imply that he has had previous contact with aliens (possibly the Galvan). Ben 10 OOmniverse would later reveal they exist in the same universe.