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The Azazel is a desert dwelling goat-demon that has twisted horns and stands on its hind legs. The Azazel was seen only in the video game, "The Secret Saturdays: Beast of the Fifth Sun" , as the fourth beast of the 5th sun.

The strength of its legs allows it to jump high in the air and perform a diving attack with it's horns. The Azazel is known to be the most mysterious of the cryptids. It is very wary of everything. The Azazel has been seen in Mediterranean deserts and Israel.

The Azazel, or scapegoat, has long been a symbol of relief and dread throughout the lands of the Middle East. It has been very controversial over the purpose and origin of the scapegoat, but most accept the that Azazel was a fallen angel sent to relieve the people of their sins as a punishment for its wrong-doing.