Battle Gloves

The Battle Glove is a cybernetic, glove-like contraption created by Doc Saturday and is his weapon of choice for close combat. Doc mainly uses it to enhance his physical strength, though it has a number of other abilities.


The glove has also exhibited other abilities that may be associated with each of the gems on the knuckle ridge:

  • The first one is used to generate heat or fire by heating up the molecules around the glove.
  • The second has been used to generate ice by lowering the temperature around the glove to the point that it freezes.
  • The third is used to generate sonic vibrations in the air to give extra power to Doc's punches and allows him to throw back an opponent.
  • The fourth is used to generate electricity which can be used to shock or stun an opponent.

Doc Monday has a black version of it.


  • It's theorized that the similarities in apearance may indicate it as a reference to Marvel Comic's Infinity Gauntlet.
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