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Vital statistics
Species Biloko
First appearance Cryptid vs. Cryptid

The Biloko is a Zaire mandrill like cryptid. It made its first appearance in Cryptid vs. Cryptid.

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It has super powerful crocodile like jaws capable of tearing apart bone, flesh, and possibly anything it can get in the grasp of its mouth. They also have the ability to walk upright like apes. They have very large and dangerous looking teeth. It is also seen in the opening credits of the show.

Physical Appearance

The Biloko was featured in the illegal cryptid fights hosted by Van Rook were he went one on one with Fiskerton. At first, the Biloko had the upper hand that is until Doyle told Fisk to forget everything Doc and Drew thought him about a fair fight and honor. It also escaped the fighting arena along with the other cryptids in Cryptid vs. Cryptid.


Beast of the Fifth Sun

The Biloko appears at level 9 as a cryptid released by a code (The code is Zon, Zak, Zon, Fiskerton). This top of a small mountain on the side of the pyramid and when the escaneas gives a leap and a roar.

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