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Black Monday
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General Information
Original broadcast April 10, 2009
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 1
Episode number 12 (formerly 11)
Overall episode number 12 (formerly 11)
Written by Joelle Sellner
Directed by Scott Jeralds
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Black Monday was the twelfth episode of season one of The Secret Saturdays. It is the twelfth (formerly the eleventh episode by Cartoon Network because Black Monday was thought to be a better way to start the season) episode overall. It premiered on April 10, 2009.


After Zak touches the mystic Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca, he discovers that he's unleashed an evil doppelgänger: Zak Monday. But is Zak Monday really the only double who came out of the mirror?


The Saturdays arrive in an ancient Aztec temple in Central Mexico. Inside is the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca, embedded in the wall and lit with eerily glowing florescent green lights. Drew starts to tell Zak to feel the magic around them, while Doc says to look at the patterns carved into the temple walls and explains the green glow with science. Drew and Doc start "politely disagreeing" about the origin of the glow. Zak calls them out on arguing and touches the Smoke Mirror. The temple begins falling apart around the family: the floor falls toward the ceiling, a tornado sweeps Drew away, and statues and walls begin crumbling. Zak is hit on the head by a falling statue and passes out.

Zak wakes up on a bed with a bruised eye and a bandaged arm. Drew comes to nurse him and, upon Zak's insistence, shows him the rest of the family, who is also injured: Zon has bandaged wings, Komodo has his midsection wrapped, and Fisk has his head wrapped. When he sees Doc in the hospital bed, Zak jumps up and runs to his side. Doc is out of it and can barely form words. Drew explains that he has a concussion and, seeming unconcerned, comforts Zak and tells him that they'll have enchiladas for dinner because they're in Mexico. They can't fly because it might make Doc's head injury worse.

That night, in his room, Zak wakes up when his bed turns to water. He gets up and knocks over a snow globe in the process, which triggers a windy snowstorm in his bedroom. He leaves the room and runs into Fisk, who is acting more rudely than usual, as he accuses Zak of the snow being his fault. Their argument is interrupted when Zak notices a shadow down the hall. He first assumes it's his mom, but Zak runs after the intruder when the person refuses to answer him.

After catching him, the intruder is revealed to be an almost perfect mirror image of Zak Saturday, who is later coined Zak Monday by the original. They begin to fight and Zak S. quickly discerns that Zak M. must have come out of the Smoke Mirror when he touched it. Zak M. retorts that Zak S. will be the one going back in. Using his weapon, the Fang, Zak M. stands against Zak S. and his Claw. Using the Fang, Zak M. controls Fisk, Komodo, and Zon, using them to attack Zak S. Managing to defeat Zak M. anyway, Zak S. takes his Fang and calls for Drew's help.

When he does, Zak M. taunts Zak S., pointing out how odd it is that Drew was the only one uninjured and asking if Zak S. is "seriously that slow." Before he can continue, Drew arrives and shoots Zak M. with a Cortex Disruptor, knocking him out. Drew comforts Zak S. but he is visibly unsure about whether or not she can be trusted now.

In the kitchen, Drew makes Zak hot cocoa while he talks about his experience with Zak Monday. He explains that the name Monday comes from him being like "a no-fun version of a Saturday." While Zak tries to talk, Drew is repeatedly distracted, which frustrates Zak. When he has an outburst, she comforts him by explaining that matter and anti-matter can't coexist: so when Zak M. and Zak S. get near each other, the fabric of the universe starts to come undone. That phenomenon explains things like solids turning to liquids and reverse gravity.

Zak remarks that Drew figured that out quickly, complimenting her, and she furiously snaps that she's a scientist, accusing him of being patronizing. When Zak draws away, scared and surprised, she laughs it off and ruffles his hair. However, Zak isn't comforted and leaves, uncertain.

Later, Zak is talking to Fisk in the infirmary, where Doc is still in bed. Komodo and Zon are also there. Zak doesn't think that he can trust Drew anymore, which Fisk protests. Suddenly, Doc's mumbling starts to form functioning words as he begins repeatedly muttering "bad copy." Zak asks him what he means, but doesn't get an answer as Drew suddenly arrives.

She explains that she's giving Doc his medicine and tells Zak to go to bed. When he protests, she turns threatening, and Zak responds by attacking her. He knocks Drew over and has Fisk grab Doc while Zak helps Zon and Komodo out of the airship. They make their way to the ruins, planning to lose Drew once inside of them. She follows them inside.

After running around, Zak's group runs into a version of Drew, who brought the Smoke Mirror with her. She explains that both versions of a person need to be present for the Mirror to work and for the doubles to be sent back. The ruins turn into metal around them and begin shaking wildly. Drew is shot by a second Drew with her Tibetan Fire Sword. Drew #2 embraces Zak, relieved to see him and the others. Spotting the Smoke Mirror, she insists that they need to send Drew #1 back in before she wakes up, but Zak instead chooses to make sure that she's alright, as both Drews look identical and he can't tell which one is his mother.

Drew #1 wakes up and, frustrated, Drew #2 attempts to shoot her again. Zak stops her, saying that there must be some difference between them, as Doc keeps repeating "bad copy" and Zak remembers how Zak Monday was slightly different from him. Drew #2 grabs Zak's Claw and launches the grabbing feature at Drew #1's face. Taken off guard, Drew #1 instinctively lashes out with her tongue, grabbing the Claw and stopping it from hitting her. This reveals that Drew #1 — the one who has been with Zak since he woke up — was actually Drew Monday the whole time, and Drew #2 is Drew Saturday. Drew M. attempts to grab Zak and Drew S. tackles her to the ground.

Before she can get very far, Drew S. is suddenly pulled off of Drew M. by Fisk, while Doc grabs Zak by the back of his shirt, saying "bad copy" again. The world begins to shake and the sky turns orange like fire, lighting up with circles of energy and raining rocks on the family. Zak Monday reveals himself as well as the rest of the Saturday family captured and tied up: Doc, Zon, Komodo, and Fisk.

The others, who have been pretending to be Zak's family since he woke up in the infirmary, take off their bandages to reveal the differences that give them away as members of the Monday family: Fisk has small, reddish horns, Zon has eyes on her wings, Doc has an eyepatch over his right eye, and Komodo has black spots on his scales and can talk. With Zak S. and Drew S. cornered, they are easily captured.

Once all the Saturdays are bound and ready to be put into the Mirror, Drew M. explains that she "knew that once the brat got scared enough, he'd find mommy for us," referring to why she bothered tricking Zak S. in the first place.

Zak M. takes the opportunity to get even with Zak S. Kneeling in front of him, Zak M. cuts off Zak S.'s gag and says "beg me to quit." Using the Claw, Zak M. begins influencing Komodo, Fisk, and Zon, putting them in horrible agony in front of Zak S. When Zak S. pleas for him to stop, Zak M. mocks him for it and continues. The rumble of thunder nearby distracts Zak M. for a second, long enough for Zak S. to kick him in the chest, forcing Zak M. to tumble back and drop the Claw in the process. Once it's back in his grasp, Zak S. releases himself and his family.

The families mostly fight their alternate selves. Zak gets his hands on the Mirror while everyone is distracted, but ends up getting stuck up to his waist in mud that hardens around him. He tries to throw it to Drew S., but it's grabbed instead by Drew M., who immediately attempts to suck Zak S. into the Mirror. Doc S. manages to stop her and the Mirror is sent flying.

Landing on a pile of feathers that materialize from nowhere, the Mirror is left unharmed. Doc M. takes the Mirror, only for Zak M. to grab it from him and then Drew M. takes it from Zak in return. Zak M. accuses her of planning to betray them and Drew M. points on that he was the one who sold her out to Zak S. The accusation starts a tug-o'-war feud for the Mirror, which the Saturday family decides to stay out of as the whole Monday family turns on each other.

When Zak M. gets the Mirror, he immediately attempts to use it on his family. Unfortunately, he ends up getting sucked in as well, and the Mirror is destroyed when it's crushed by rocks afterward. The Mondays are seen arguing to each other from separate shards.

Taking the shards, the Saturdays leave them in the temple and prepare to leave. Doc and Drew almost begin arguing about science vs. magic again, but Zak stops them, asking them to agree to keep things "nice." They agree, with Drew ruffling his hair and Doc setting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

As the airship pulls away, one of the shards of the Smoke Mirror begins to glow green. Zak Monday's Fang shoots out of it and, using the grabbing feature, Zak M. pulls both himself and Komodo M. out of the Mirror just as the Saturday airship pulls out of range. While their family calls for them to come back, they are ignored. Komodo calls Zak his "loyal servant" and remarks on how much fun it's going to be without their family around to get in the way. The last shot of the episode is them walking off, free in a new world.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The Monday family makes their debuts.
  • The Anti-Kur is introduced and added to the Saturday family database, a decision which will come back to haunt them in Into the Mouth of Darkness.

Minor Events

  • The Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca is discovered and consequently broken, which will have lasting effects into the series' finale.
  • Zak Monday and Komodo Monday are left to roam the world free on their own, to return at a later date.


Main Characters


Supporting Characters



Cryptid Items





"Just making sure my baby is safe."
Drew Monday, after shooting Zak Monday
"By the way, "genius" — Dad wasn't saying bad copy to you, he was saying it about you. You're cheap, weak copies. And we're sending you all into the shredder."
Zak Monday to Zak Saturday
"Ah, you are such a twisted child."
Komodo Monday about Zak Monday
"I told you never to mess with my family again!"
Zak Saturday to Zak Monday


  • Drew Monday is seen with the top of her jumpsuit's zipper.
  • The Claw and the Fang switch hands when Zak looks at Drew Monday.
  • When Zak wakes up, his bandages disappear then come back when he hits the desk.
  • At the beginning of the episode, as Zak touches the mirror and it begins to glow vividly with green light, Zon Saturday jumps into the air, wings outstretched but freezes there motionless until the green burst of light overtakes the screen and the opening theme begins. While Zon is frozen, the other Saturdays move back in shock (in Drew's case, though, she jumped forward).


  • This episode was originally called "The Dark Side of Monday."
  • Drew Monday does not have a fire sword.
  • When Zak Monday uses his power it glows green while Zak Saturday's power glows orange.
  • We learn that Zak has a room on the airship, and we get to see the kitchen.
  • The episode title is a reference to Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving where many items in stores go on sale for a really cheap price for a shopping spree; it's very crowded and lots of fights happen there.
  • No new cryptid species are introduced in this episode.
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