Blue tiger
Blue tiger (102)
Vital statistics
Species Blue tiger
First appearance Curse of the Stolen Tiger
Blue tiger (102)

Blue tiger is a Chinese/Korean ex-cryptid animal that goes under scientific name (phanthera meltese). It makes its first and only appearance in Curse of the Stolen Tiger.


The scientific community has finally accepted their existence so technically the tiger is no longer a cryptid. In the show, the Maltese tiger gives off a supernatural energy field that affects the laws of probability. Basically the tiger is a living good luck charm, but for some reason Zak's power creates some kind of energy reaction that somehow increases the tigers power. However, instead of creating good luck it creates bad luck especially for Zak. The Maltese tiger is among the rarest specimens in the natural animal kingdom. There is a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting one by selective breeding. Many speculate that only small, inbreed mutations can make the Maltese color. The tint of the fur ranges of a deep blue over color, with a slightly brighter shade on the underbelly. The stripes can range from light gray, to black. The true origin to the " luck", is unknown, but like most lucky animals, the blue tiger has, what seems to be, a field of supernatural aura around it.



  • The Maltese Tiger is the only cryptid Zak can't control.
  • For an unknown reason, the Maltese Tiger gives Zak bad luck instead of good luck.


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