The Secret Scientists is a group of some of the worlds greatest minds determined to find out the secrets of the universe before the bad get the chance. Their fields vary, from cryptozoology, physics, and archology. According to Doc, there are about fifty Secret scientists left in the world since he commented that the raid on Weird World cost over half the membership of the Secret Scientists.

Sat 091wl
Since the Kur Stone was unveiled, the Secret Scientist have been trying to find ways in finding and stoping the most ultimate, powerful, and most evil ancient sumurian cryptid of all, Kur. Twelve years later the scientists had finally found the threat they've been searching for all along. Much to their shock and disbelief, they somehow found out that Kur turned out to be none other than Zak Saturday. After they found out, the Secret Scientists have been trying to capture Zak, and place him in custody, or according to Professor Mizuki, a criagenetic deep freeze.


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