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The Secret Scientists is a group of some of the world's greatest minds determined to find out the secrets of the universe before the bad get the chance. Their fields vary, from cryptozoology, physics, meteorology, to aerospace engineering and astrophysics. According to Doc, there used to be about fifty Secret Scientists left in the world, but a raid on Weird World cost over half of their membership, leaving them with only seven afterward.

The remaining Secret Scientists: Dr. Beeman, Dr. Grey, Dr. Cheveyo, Drs. Drew and Doc Saturday, Agent Epsilon, and Dr. Cheechoo.

Since the Kur Stone was unveiled, the Secret Scientists have been trying to find ways to find and stop the powerful, evil ancient Sumerian cryptid, Since discovering that Zak Saturday is Kur, the Secret Scientists have been trying to capture Zak, and place him in custody, or according to Professor Mizuki, a cryogenic deep freeze until they can figure out a "solution" to "the problem of Kur." This is likely a nicer way of saying that they want to keep Zak frozen indefinitely.

Obviously, Drew and Doc retracted their membership in light of the Secret Scientist's new mission statement. They seem to be back in good standing as of the end of War of the Cryptids.


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