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Cartoon Network Action Pack #29

The Cartoon Network Action Pack Issue #26 included a comic called "Crying Wolf," which was released in November of 2008. It was written by Brandon Sawyer, drawn by Mike Manley, colored by Jay Stephens, lettered by Sal Cipriano, and co-edited by Liz Gehrlein and Joan Hilty.


The Saturday family is stranded in the Republic of Kalmykia and, seeking shelter for the night, find their way to a local village. Instead of resting, they take up the mantle to solve the curse of the werewolves terrorizing the villagers.


The Saturdays travel to the desolate plains of Russia's Republic of Kalmykia to track down the legendary Kalmykian Snakes. While tracking them, they are ambushed by the Kalmykian snakes. The Saturday family also learns that the snakes can explode, which Drew deems to be "not regular." Zak wants to help, reminding Fisk that he has powers over cryptids, but Doc tells him to stay out of it, saying that he would prefer to practice them with "cryptids that don't explode." The Kalmykian snakes destroy the Fiskertrike, their only means of transportation.

Zak defends Fisk's honor.

Unable to reach the Airship by nightfall, they walk to a nearby farming village to stay the night. Upon arriving, the villagers at first mistake Fiskerton for a Wawkalak, a Russian werewolf. As Zak tries to calm down the villagers, a young boy named Vladimir runs outside with his camera, excited at the prospect of seeing a monster. He tells the Saturdays that the local farms are terrorized by a pack of Wawkalaks that are descended from the Chonos, or Wolf Tribe, one of the first tribes to join Genghis Khan in his conquest of Asia. Drew is skeptical of the Chonos being actual werewolves, so Zak volunteers their family to investigate.

The Saturdays head out with Vladimer acting as their guide. That night, while Zak and Vladimer are telling horror stories, Komodo notices something is amiss. Their camp is attacked by an Almasti (or a Russian "wildman"), a cryptid with incredible speed and agility. Zak uses his powers to keep the Almasti disoriented enough for Doc to restrain it.

Vladimir being particularly useless.

While Doc is wrestling with the Almasti, Chonos Khan and his motorcycle gang arrive. He claims that they're outsiders, trespassers, and trying to steal his Wawkalak, and therefore, the Chonos Tribe gets to hurt them. Doc claims that any idiot could tell that they don't have the real Wawkalak, and "proves" it when he unleashes Fiskerton from his tent by pulling his fur. Fisk scares off most of the gang and Doc then lands a blow that knocks out Khan. The Saturdays then use the gang's motorcycles to return to the airship, letting the Almasti go free.


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Zak showing off a family photo.

  • It is confirmed that Russian is one of the 37 languages that Drew can speak.
  • This comic is referenced in The Kur Stone: Part One, when Zak shows a picture of the incident to his parents and Doc says, "The Kalmykian snakes were different. We didn't know they exploded."
  • The young boy, Vladimir, owns an officially licensed Weird World backpack and cites the show was one of the ways that he is learning English.