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David Bara
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General Information
Species Human
Affiliations Secret Scientists
Occupation(s) Para-neurologist
Voice Actor Clancy Brown
First Appearance Shadows of Lemuria

Dr. David Bara is one of The Secret Scientists and a friend of Doc Saturday and Drew Saturday. His first appearance was in Shadows of Lemuria.


Dr. Bara is very tanned and has long, wild blond hair. He wears a black turtleneck under a yellow vest, with beige pants held up by a brown belt and brown boots. He wears an amulet around his neck.


Although Dr. Bara is a bit eccentric, he has a good sense of humor and is a nice person. He's one of the few Secret Scientists that is never alluded to trying to hunt down Zak for being Kur.

He believes very strongly in his research. However, Dr. Bara can also be rather gullible, as he falls for Argost, posing as Zak with the help of a neural parasite, pleading with him even after Drew told him not to trust anyone who came to the door.


Dr. Bara is a secret scientist that specializes in para-neurology. The Saturdays called him in Shadows of Lemuria to help Fiskerton figure out what the shape he was making was and why. His methods use a mixture of science, such as probing the brain with electrodes, and Australian mysticism, such as putting Fisk to sleep with a totem figure. He helped the Saturday family attempt to fight off the Fiskerton robots destroying their house.

He can be seen in the background of And Your Enemies Closer, trying to help the other Secret Scientists capture the Revolving Beast in Dr. Beemans's lab.



  • He doesn't appear to carry any weapons on him, choosing instead to grab some of the Saturday's weapons. This could imply that Dr. Bara is either unused to fighting or his methods only work on living beings.