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Soloman "Doc" Monday
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General Information
Species Human
Age Mid/Late 30s
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Trained Hand-to-Hand Combat

Equipment Battle Glove
Relatives Drew Monday (wife)
Zak Monday (son)
Fiskerton Monday (adopted son)
Komodo Monday (adopted son)
Zon Monday (adopted daughter)
Doc Saturday (matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Phil Morris
First Appearance Black Monday
"Bad copy."
Doc Monday in Paris is Melting

Doc Monday is an evil doppelganger of Doc Saturday. His first appearance was in Black Monday.


Doc is of African-American heritage, with dark skin, black hair (with a streak of white going down the middle), and one dark brown eye, while the other is covered by an eye-patch (possibly due to him being blind in that eye).

His attire consists of an orange vest worn over a full-length black bodysuit, an orange belt, gloves, and knee-length boots; he also has a black, studded glove that he wears over his left hand.


In contrast to Doc Saturday, Doc Monday is incredibly unintelligent. He has not been shown to use anything bigger than a two-syllable word. He's very immature and has few or no independent thoughts, usually going along with whatever Drew or Komodo Monday tell him to do.

He does have a vengeful streak, shown when he gladly prepared to beat Zak Saturday in Paris is Melting, and later in that same episode when he and the rest of the Mondays prepared to get revenge on Zak and Komodo for betraying them.

He's self-absorbed and vain, seen when Doc Monday admired his own reflection in Black Monday.


After coming out of the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca with the rest of the Monday family in Black Monday, Doc Monday took Doc Saturday's place in Zak Saturday's life. All he really did was lay in a bed in the airship's infirmary with bandages wrapped around his head. Drew Monday (acting as Drew Saturday) claimed that he had a concussion and needed to rest. In reality, she probably had him drugged to stay compliant and in bed, indicated by Doc's slurring speech and how he becomes more coherent after Zak prevents Drew from giving him medicine.

Doc Monday is carried by Fiskerton Monday out of the airship and into the nearby ruins, where he and the rest of the Mondays reveal themselves and capture Zak and Drew Saturday.

Later, Zak S. escapes his bindings and frees his parents. Doc Monday fights Doc Saturday, although no real winner is decided between the two of them. When the Smoke Mirror is sent flying, Doc Monday ends up picking it up and has it quickly snatched away by Zak Monday.

He stays out of the ensuing power struggle between Zak Monday and Drew Monday, and is seen admiring his reflection in the Smoke MIrror as Zak Monday prepares to send him back to the Shadow World.

He reappears in Paris is Melting, though not for long. Doc, Drew, and Fiskerton Monday attack Zak Saturday when he attempts to steal their airship. Although Doc is eager to lay into Zak, wanting revenge, Drew Monday stops him, saying that they would rather have revenge on the sellouts from their own family than the Saturday family. Doc Monday concedes that Zak has a good point when he claims that, if they would never trust Zak Monday, then they should have no problem trusting him.

Sure enough, trusting Zak Saturday pays off, as the Monday's airship is returned to them along with Zak and Komodo Monday. Undoubtedly, Doc Monday got at least a few hits on both of them.