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Dr. Soloman "Doc" Saturday
Doc large.jpg
General Information
Species Human
Age Mid/Late 30s
Affiliations Secret Scientists
Occupation(s) Cryptozoologist
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Trained Hand-to-Hand Combat
Equipment Battle Glove

Cortex Disruptor
Reflex Disruptor

Relatives Drew Saturday (wife)
Zak Saturday (son)
Doyle Blackwell (brother-in-law)
Fiskerton Saturday (adopted son)
Komodo Saturday (adopted son)
Zon Saturday (adopted daughter)
Doc Monday (anti-matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Phil Morris
Bumper Robinson (T.G.I.S.)
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One
"There's always a rational explanation."
Doc Saturday in Black Monday

Solomon "Doc" Saturday is one of the main protagonists of The Secret Saturdays. He is a member of the Secret Scientists, the father of Zak and husband to Drew, and is the adoptive father of Zon, Fiskerton, and Komodo.


Doc is of African-American heritage, with dark skin, black hair (with a streak of white going down the middle), and one dark brown eye, while the other is of a pale blue color due to him being blind in that eye.

His usual attire consists of an orange vest worn over a full-length black bodysuit, an orange belt, gloves, and knee-length boots; he also has a cybernetic glove-like contraption that he wears over his right hand.

Even while swimming, Doc will usually just put a life vest over his bodysuit.

For formal occasions, Doc has a grey suit, complete with matching dress pants, black shoes, a white undershirt, and an orange tie.


Out of everyone in his family, Doc is the most sensible, approaching situations from a logical perspective. He thinks through his choices and remains level-headed no matter the situation.

When it comes to parenting, Doc is typically more lenient with Zak trying to get involved in the "family business," but only because he understands that their family has many enemies and Zak needs to be able to protect himself. He will sometimes clash with Drew on this opinion.

Speaking of, Doc disagrees with his wife the most on matters of science vs. magic. He firmly believes that everything has a reason and a rational explanation — nothing "just happens." His stubbornness shines through here, as despite all of the bizarre things that Doc has experienced over the course of the show, he remains steadfast in this belief. It's fitting that the closest thing he has to a catchphrase is his advice to Zak of, "Be smart."

Although normally the level-headed one of the group, Doc can hold a grudge and be petty like anyone else and tends to get himself into trouble when he lets his emotions get the best of him, such as his hatred of Doyle for most of the first season and his obsession with defeating Argost.

Most of his changes happen during the second season, where he's driven not by the logic of protecting the world, but by his love for his son. He learns to accept magic as well, although more out of desperation than any real faith in it.


Before the Show

Doc grew up in a small town in Lousiana, where he was introduced to cryptids by his work assisting Dr. Basil Lancaster. Even as a young boy, he was fascinated with science, including building his own computer and eagerly studying cryptids.

His parents are never shown nor mentioned. It can be assumed that they died sometime while Doc was still fairly young.

Out of college with a degree in cryptozoology, Doc met another cryptozoologist, Drew, who he later married and fathered a child with, Zak.

While Drew was pregnant, the two spearheaded an archeological dig in the ruins of ancient Sumer, where they unknowingly dug up the Kur Stone. When it is later stolen by Argost, Doc and Drew front an invasion on Weird World in order to retrieve it. They succeed at the cost of forty-three people's lives, which Doc has never forgiven himself for.

With the Kur Stone safely retrieved, Doc and Drew divided it into three parts to keep it separated. They buried their piece along the Amazon river and forgot about it for eleven years, turning their attention to their newborn son.

Even at a young age, Zak was going with his parents for work purposes, traveling the world with them in the airship. His enthusiasm is one of the main reasons why Doc and Drew eventually adopted Fiskerton, whom they initially only intended to rescue and relocate.

After adopting Fisk, he and Zak are playing around near the Judaculla rocks in the Smoky Mountains when they accidentally destroy them. The site's protector, the hunter Tsul 'Kalu, pins the blame for the tragedy on Zak. Doc holds him off while the rest of the family runs to the airship.

They get away from Tsul 'Kalu, temporarily. A few days later, Doc is woken from a restless nap by a bad feeling in his gut and goes to check on Zak's room. He finds Zak still asleep in bed but is attacked by Tsul 'Kalu when Doc realizes that he is watching. To protect his son, Doc challenges Tsul 'Kalu to a fight, saying that Zak is his son and, therefore, his responsibility. Tsul 'Kalu accepts.

The fight is brutal, confirmed by Doc to be the "hardest battle" he's ever fought. In the end, Doc wins, but takes a nasty hit to the face by the Hand of Tsul 'Kalu, blinding his right eye and leaving a scar that runs up to his hairline. Tsul 'Kalu accepts defeat and gifts Doc the Hand as well as his life, before leaving.

At some point, Doc becomes enemies with Van Rook and they come to blows frequently. They great each other familiarly in the first episode.

Season One

After eleven years of not hearing from Argost, the Kur Stone comes back to haunt the Saturday family in The Kur Stone: Part One. While out studying the Cameroon flashlight frog, Doc is alerted to Saturday HQ being broken into. After forcibly removing Van Rook and Doyle from their home, Doc and Drew receive a call from Dr. Grey, telling them that her Kur Stone piece has been taken. Knowing that their piece is safe, the Saturdays head to check on Dr. Cheveyo, who was also holding onto a piece. Once it's revealed that Argost was using a neural parasite on Dr. Cheveyo to listen in to their conversation, the Saturdays make a quick escape to beat Argost to the Kur Stone piece in Manaus.

Although Drew disagrees, Doc wants to bring Zak with them, making the case that they might need his powers. With that settled, The Kur Stone: Part Two opens with Zak and Doc sparing. Doc has attached the Hand of Tsul 'Kalu to a multi-featured staff, which Zak names the Claw. Their spar is interrupted when the airship is shot by Argost's warship. The Saturdays put up a good fight, with Doc aiming the guns, but are eventually shot down and crash into the Amazon rainforest.

After crashing, Doc has an aside with Zak, where he tells Zak that he was born the same year that the Kur Stone was dug up. Doc believes that "for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction," meaning that he believes Zak's powers are a sign that he's destined to defeat Kur.

They are distracted by Argost's warship flying overhead, reminding the family of what they came for. After a long walk through the jungle, they come across where the Kur Stone was buried. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by Argost. Doc passes out as Devonian annelids devour his life essence.

When Doc wakes up, he and the rest of the Saturday family are tied to trees by vines. Argost is there and he explains that he plans to have the wild, starving cryptids nearby eat them alive. While Zak manages to get free and attempts to recover the Kur Stone piece, Doc and the others are left protecting themselves with what mobility they have. Doc eventually gets loose just in time for Argost and Munya to get away with the Kur Stone piece. Luckily, the piece left a pressing in the mud, which Doc manages to make a holographic rendering of for future studying. It at least gives them a start against Argost.

Season Two


Drew Saturday is Doc's wife. Both of them being cryptozoologists, they hit it off easily when they first met. Since meeting young and getting married, they have had a very happy marriage based on mutual respect and trust.

Fighting together has made their relationship strong. From a scientific perspective, Doc and Drew disagree often, but they don't consider it to be arguing or fighting. They enjoy debating with each other, able to disagree without getting mean-spirited. They are both prideful, but willing to admit to the other when they are wrong.

Doc has been shown to go to extreme lengths to keep Drew safe, and she for him, both of them growing furious and twice as determined when the other is in danger.

Other than their work, the biggest source of disagreement for Doc and Drew comes to parenting decisions for their children — Zak, specifically. They can often come to a compromise on this as well, as there's nothing Doc and Drew wouldn't do for each other and their kids.

Zak Saturday is Doc's son. In terms of parenting style, he has always been more lenient than Drew, such as when he was willing to talk about Zak assisting them in fights or using his own Cortex Disruptor. His willingness to let Zak fight stems from a desire for Zak to be able to keep himself safe.

Zak and Doc spar frequently, with Zak even winning noticeably often. Doc is who Zak seems to get most of his moves and fighting style from.

Although Doc is less strict than Drew, he expects Zak to be able to act appropriately in dangerous situations and take them seriously. When he does raise his voice, Zak listens to him and shows respect. The more casual dynamic that they have in low-stress situations don't take away Doc's authority as a parent.

Fiskerton Saturday is Doc's adopted son. Ironically, Doc tends to treat Fisk as more of a child than Zak, at least when it comes to handling the family's technology and inventions.

Doc does consider Fisk to be one of his kids, shown in Eterno when he referred to Zak, Wadi, and Fisk as "three children." Despite this, Doc trusts Fisk with certain responsibilities, such as keeping Zak safe. This shows that Doc sees Fisk as a more capable fighter than Zak. Although Doc isn't one for hugs, he will often set a hand on Fisk's shoulder, especially after a fight.

Komodo Saturday is Doc's adopted son. Although neither Komodo nor Doc are fond of showing affection, it's clear that they care about each other.

Doc tends to talk to Komodo less than Zak or Fisk, most likely because Komodo can't reply back to him. However, he finds Komodo useful, such as when Doc used his invisibility shield on the airship in Kur: Part One, and considers Komodo a close member of the family, shown in The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes, when he defended Komodo's right to help search for Zak and Fisk by saying, "They're his family, too."

Zon Saturday is Doc's adopted daughter. Like Drew, he initially wasn't fond of her and didn't want to adopt her (mostly because Zon attacked them and tried to eat Doc's head). However, Zak wore them down.

His concern for Zon's well-being shows in The Underworld Bride. Mostly, though, Doc doesn't worry about her much, knowing that Zon can take care of herself and is rarely targeted in fights. When Doc speaks to Zon, he has to be louder and speak more clearly, as she hasn't been living with humans for nearly as long as her brothers.

Doyle Blackwell is Doc's brother-in-law. When they first met, Doyle was Van Rook's apprentice, so the two were understandably at odds with each other. It developed into something of a rivalry between them, which they both took seriously.

Even after the revelation that Doyle is Drew's brother, Doc maintained his petty anger toward Doyle. They would often argue or disagree with each other simply for the sake of disagreeing. Doyle knew exactly how to get under Doc's skin and thought that doing so was entertaining.

At the end of Something in the Water, Doc apologized for treating Doyle unfairly and recognizes him as a part of the family. This smoothes over the lingering hard-feelings between them. Teasing after this episode is much more good-natured between them and they agree a lot more, bonding over things like teaching Zak how to fight in the name of keeping him safe or their mutual love of advanced weaponry.



  • It is known that Zak is the cause of the scar over his eye and the white in his hair.
  • Considering that Doc's parents are never seen and Doyle makes reference to Doc inheriting his family fortune, Doc's parents are likely long dead.
  • Doc's design is based on civil rights activist and singer/songwriter Harry Belafonte.
  • He has an ancestor named Ezekiel Saturday, as confirmed by Derrick J. Wyatt.
  • The white of his hair is due to age, not electrocution.