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Doyle Blackwell
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General Information
Species Human
Age 31
Affiliations The Saturdays
Leonidas Van Rook (formerly)
V.V. Argost (formerly)
Occupation(s) Mercenary (formerly)
Bounty Hunter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Trained Hand-to-Hand Combat
Enhanced Strength
Equipment Jetpack

Wrist Gauntlets
Concussion Grenades
Adhesive Gloves and Boots
Freeze Tech

Relatives Unnamed Parents (deceased)

Drew Saturday (sister)
Zak Saturday (nephew)
Doc Saturday (brother-in-law)
Fiskerton (adoptive nephew)
Komodo (adoptive nephew)
Zon (adoptive niece)

Voice Actor Will Friedle
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One
"I got brought up like a punk thug and trained to be a crooked mercenary. But after I met my real family, I'm not that guy anymore."
Doyle in The Kur Guardian

Doyle Blackwell is a major supporting character in The Secret Saturdays. Originally introduced as an antagonist and Leonidas Van Rook's apprentice, he was later revealed to be Drew's long-lost brother and he now works alongside the Saturdays.


Doyle is a tall man with a muscular build, his bright red hair styled in a mohawk with the shaved sides. His usual attire consists of a brown, long-sleeved collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up, brown gloves, a yellow belt, black pants, and knee-length combat boots.

He wears two hoop earrings in his right ear. During his time as Van Rook's apprentice, Doyle was often seen wearing similar equipment to him, including a jetpack, wrist gauntlets, and a metal face mask with a skull-shape design in order to conceal his identity.


Doyle easily comes across as a cocky and smart-mouthed individual. He has a loud "in your face" attitude similar to his sister's, and can be somewhat of a bad influence on his nephew due to his questionable methods and skewed morals (or lack thereof).

Doyle can be funny and light-hearted and has a 'come what may' outlook on life. For the right price, he's willing to do just about anything. While he usually comes to blows with anyone and everyone, he is not incapable of admitting his flaws — as when Doc apologized for his bad treatment to him, Doyle returned it and finally reached common ground with him while regarding the other as family.

He is a kind person, but his orphanhood lifestyle led him to put people on the edge of his heart, rarely becoming emotionally invested in others, until he reunited with his sister approximately two and half decades after they were separated.

Doyle also has a vengeful side, as he became angry when he discovered that Argost was the reason for the destruction of his family and direct cause for his complicated life. When confronting him, Doyle wanted to hear Argost admit his crime before Doyle was ready to kill him.


Before the Show

The family before the incident

In Van Rook's Apprentice, Doyle is revealed to be Drew Saturday's long-lost brother. He was shocked to hear this and did background work on her before both confirmed the story to be true.

As it is explained, Doyle and Drew went camping with their parents in the Himalayans when they were young. There was a storm that ravaged their camp, but there was something else there, too. A monster attacked his parents and Doyle attempted to help them fight it before being cast aside.

Miraculously, he fell down the mountain uninjured, before crash landing in a small village at the base of it. He is roughly taken to an orphanage where, as Doyle puts it, he "began the first stop on his orphanage world tour." He eventually convinced himself that his sister was never real at all and he must have made her up.

Doyle claims in one of his "stories" he once fought a man named Baron Finster, a half-man/half robotic scorpion, and rescued a Nagni Vatu from him. However, his story is questionable (especially to Doc) though Finster was proven to exist and mentioned an unseen conflict.

Season One

Doyle was first introduced in The Kur Stone: Part One. Doc Saturday made a casual comment in the same episode about what he did to Van Rook's last apprentice, insinuating that Doyle was not the first to work under the villain's wing. While working for Van Rook, Doyle is seen employing similar equipment to him including concussion grenades, a wrist blaster, a jet pack and even a face mask.

Although he worked for Van Rook, he did help Zak Saturday and Fiskerton in The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes after they saved his life. He also returned The Claw to Zak after he had lost it.

Younger Doyle hugging his older sister Drew seconds before they were separated

He now works with his older sister, Drew Saturday, his brother-in-law, Doc Saturday, and his nephew, Zak Saturday.

After his reckless behavior streak on a mission, Doc Saturday pays him his fee and orders him to leave. After Drew says he is not a good influence on Zak, Doyle leaves the Saturdays.

Later on, he appears in Cryptid vs. Cryptid as the manager of Fiskerton.

He came back in the episode Something in the Water because Zak invited him to do a job (catch the devilfish). At the end, Doc also apologized to him for his previous treatment, Doyle was surprised by this change and apologized to him as well. Doc welcomed him to the family and invited him to live with them again, but Doyle kindly refused stating that he wanted to run his own show but promised to give Zak and Fiskerton something from the bounty money.

In the episode Once More the Nightmare Factory, after breaking into Weird World with the rest of the Saturdays, Doyle rejoins the team and also agrees to train Zak. Also in the episode was revealed that Doyle, like Zak, likes Weird World, saying that he decided to infiltrate the castle when he heard Fisk behind the door on the show. When Doc asked why he was watching Weird World he admitted he watched it, describing it as "good TV."

In the episode The Kur Guardian, he, Zak and Abbey Grey help Fiskerton find out about his Lemurian heritage. He harbors a crush on Abbey throughout the entire episode. Doyle later asks her out at the end and she accepts. In the next episode where Abbey is revealed to be working for Van Rook, Doyle responds by dumping her. Upset about this information, he wants to leave again but is convinced by Zak to stay.

At the end of The Atlas Pin, Fisk throws the Naga Kur relic from the Airship and it breaks into pieces. Doyle secretly recovers it and tries to fix it. In Shadows of Lemuria, he finally finishes fixing it.

In Kur Rising, the Saturdays are in Antarctica looking for Kur. Doyle secretly brings the Kur relic and takes it out of his bag to make sure Zak has truly defeated Kur, but the relic glows in Zak's presence. It is then that everyone knows that Kur is actually Zak.

Season Two

In Kur: Part One, Doyle, aided by Zon and Van Rook, goes looking for the missing V.V. Argost and clues about his past.

In And Your Enemies Closer, his search led him to the Tibetan monks who had raised Drew after they were separated. Upon reuniting with Drew, he explains his reason and remarks it was the first time he's been to the mountains as she realizes he doesn't remember as he questions this before she informs him that it was there that they lost their parents and were separated. Shocked, Doyle asked to see the exact spot.

Doyle remembered watching his parents getting attacked by the beast and tried to help them before he was knocked away by the monster on the slope. He then comes to the conclusion that the Xing-Xing that Argost took was the cause since it was from there and gets angry that he protected it as Drew calms him and states that nobody knew there were cryptids in the area. Doyle's anger soon returns when the monks revealed they actually knew this fact but didn't tell Drew who gets angry as well. The siblings are informed the cryptid that attacked their family was called the Yeti and explained that their parents were not the only victims and they tried hunting it but after finding its lair it was gone without a trace. Drew demanded the monks show them the area.

Upon finding the beast's abandoned lair, Doyle sees the creatures collection and is frustrated that he let the cryptid go before he is told the cryptid he protected was not the one who attacked his family since the yeti's fur was white. Drew then makes a shocking discovery, which Doyle checks out and a revelation is made to them: the Yeti who attacked their family, killed their parents, caused them to be separated, and grow up in different ways is in fact Argost. Holding a mold of the mask, Doyle becomes angry and destroys it.

During War of the Cryptids, Argost unleashes an army of cryptids onto the world. The Secret Saturday's army fight back, and have the upper hand. Doyle was able to tackle Argost and Drew had the villain cornered, Doyle and Drew confront him and they reveal the monster that attacked their family two decades ago was him. Doyle wanted Argost to admit it and watches as Drew nearly attacks Argost in rage, after Argost laughs at their misery by listing their parents among his many victims.


Drew Saturday is Doyle's older sister. When they were children, they adored each other as well as their parents.

Being separated and finding each other again, as adults, Drew and Doyle's relationship changed. Although she loves him, Drew can't ignore that Doyle grew up as a mercenary and has to make tough decisions in the name of keeping her new family safe, as guilty as it makes her feel. Doyle sometimes takes it personally, but they managed to find new respect by fighting side-by-side.

Doyle and Drew have a healthy sibling rivalry, born of them both being prideful and natural show-offs. They often tease each other. Unlike Doc, who held a grudge against Doyle's past behavior for half of season one, Drew forgave him almost immediately.

Since meeting each other again, Doyle has become much more family-oriented and will often protect Drew in a fight if she needs it.

Zak Saturday is Doyle's nephew. As shown in The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes, Zak thought that Doyle was "the coolest guy he'd ever met" before he knew that Doyle was his uncle. Despite the fact that Doyle was working for Van Rook at the time, Zak was nothing but enthusiastic at the idea of having a long-lost uncle.

At the end of the episode Van Rook's Apprentice, Zak still trusted Doyle, forgiving his apparent betrayal even if the rest of his family didn't. When Doyle was about to leave, Zak said, "We all make mistakes, but we have to forgive each other. That's part of being a family." This convinces Doyle to stay.

Although Doyle doesn't have a lot of experience with having a family or being a team player, he has a soft spot for Zak. Doyle likes Zak's reckless and daredevil nature, though he's still mindful of Zak's safety and general well-being. He often hangs back to help Zak in fights or will use his jetpack to get Zak out of harms' way.

Doyle isn't a good role model, but that doesn't stop Zak from wanting to impress him or be like him. Zak is always happy to see Doyle. It doesn't mean that Zak is above criticizing Doyle or admitting when he's done something wrong, such as in The Owlman Feeds at Midnight or The Kur Guardian, but he's a lot more forgiving and understanding of these things than his parents are.

Like the rest of the family, Doyle wants to protect Zak at all costs, but their kinship seems to come from Doyle's lax attitude, protecting Zak without babying or belittling him. Doyle trusts Zak completely and the feeling is mutual.

Doc Saturday is Doyle's brother-in-law. When they first met, Doyle was Van Rook's apprentice, so the two were understandably at odds with each other. It developed into something of a rivalry between them, which they both took seriously.

Even after the revelation that Doyle is Drew's brother, Doc maintained his petty anger toward Doyle. They would often argue or disagree with each other simply for the sake of disagreeing. Doyle knew exactly how to get under Doc's skin and thought that doing so was entertaining.

At the end of Something in the Water, Doc apologized for treating Doyle unfairly and recognizes him as a part of the family. This smoothes over the lingering hard-feelings between them. Teasing after this episode is much more good-natured between them and they agree a lot more, bonding over things like teaching Zak how to fight in the name of keeping him safe or their mutual love of advanced weaponry.

Fiskerton Saturday is Doyle's adopted brother nephew. Like Zak, Fisk idolizes Doyle and thinks that he's incredibly cool. Doyle is one of the few people that Fisk has been shown hugging.

They don't work together often, but have chemistry when they do, such as in Cryptid vs. Cryptid when Doyle improvised his way into a cryptid fighting ring and Fisk went along with his prompts after little or no direction. Fisk also relied on Doyle for guidance while in the ring and Doyle did his best to offer it while still being aware of Fisk's safety.

Doyle cares enough about Fisk to break into Weird World by himself in order to rescue him, fully knowing the dangers. He respects Fisk's feelings, shown when he agreed not to tell the others that Fisk was a Lemurian until Fisk was ready.

Zon Saturday is Doyle's adopted niece as well as his partner for most of season two. In season one, they don't get much interaction, whereas all of Zon's season two appearances happen with Doyle.

They start working together for the first time in The Atlas Pin, briefly helping Doc win the dogfight against Argost and Munya.

While Doyle looks for information on Argost during season two, Zon serves as his partner. He nicknamed her "Jurassic" and fondly gives her seafood as a reward for a job well done. They work well together and have a lot of mutual trust.

Leonidas Van Rook is Doyle's former boss/master and a tentative ally. When working as his apprentice, Doyle made no secret of hating taking Van Rook's orders. He later described every second as "miserable."

After working for him and leaving, Doyle developed a petty grudge against Van Rook, taking out revenge on him in the form of fighting Van Rook and planting an explosive on him.

Once season two comes around, though, Doyle has been looking for Argost for around six months and accepts Van Rook's offer to help him (for the right price). Working together, Doyle and Van Rook still trade insults and banter, but it's noticeably more light-hearted and there's newfound respect between them.

Doyle is noticeably distraught when Van Rook is shot in War of the Cryptids, calling out his name. He leaves two flowers on Van Rook's grave during his funeral and is the only person to do so.

Abbey Grey is Doyle's ex-girlfriend. When the two of them met, Doyle was immediately attracted to Abbey, although she more enjoyed teasing him than flirting back.

Regardless, they continued to impress each other throughout Abbey's introduction episode, with Doyle being impressed by her intelligence and ability to fight (along with her obvious good looks), and Abbey taking a liking to Doyle's "bad boy" attitude and physical prowess. Doyle asked her out at the end of Shadows of Lemuria, to which she agreed.

Abbey called herself Doyle's girlfriend in Food of the Giants, solidifying their relationship status. Unfortunately, also in that episode, Abbey revealed herself to be Van Rook's new apprentice and was actually only luring the Saturday family into a trap in order to have them killed.

Understandably, Doyle broke up with her and became very bitter. It's hinted that Abbey genuinely had feeling for Doyle but, as she says, "It's not personal. It's money."



  • Doyle is the only person known to have infiltrated and escaped Weird World alone and live twice.
  • According to Doyle, he is only reckless when he knows his skill can handle the situation: otherwise, he is just as careful as Doc.
  • Although his last name has been changed several times, Doyle's last name (along with Drew's maiden name) has been confirmed to be Blackwell.
  • His age is not definite, but Stephens has stated that he "imagined Doyle as 28, or so".However, since Drew mentioned that her family got destroyed 27 years ago, he is actually about 31 years old.
    • Doyle is around 6 years younger than his sister, Drew.
  • Doyle truly has a scientific side as he has micro-adhesive gloves, "juiced" Doc's microwave ray device, and made a special chemical combo for freezing things solid. Despite what he says, this proves that he is not just a "kicking-punching" guy.
  • In The Owlman Feeds at Midnight, Doyle said that multiple countries have a bounty on his head.
  • Doyle bought Zak a model of Weird World to make up for all the lost birthdays.
  • A running gag is Doyle's habit of nearly cursing. Usually, he says something similar, for example in The Return of Tsul 'Kalu, when he says "Aw, shish kebab" in place of "shit," and how he says "crud" in place of "crap."
    • This might be because Drew has a hard rule of not cursing around Zak and it's become a habit for Doyle
  • Doyle appears to be extremely fit and exceptionally strong. In The Owlman Feeds at Midnight he lifts a man at least the same weight as he was, if not more, with just one hand. In Van Rook's Apprentice when Drew knocks off his helmet, he is able to hold his breath long enough to get the Alkali Lake monster's horn and swim up to the surface with it dragging him down. He is also able to hold his own wrestling against Doc immediately after.