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Dr. Odele
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General Information
Species Human
Affiliations Secret Scientists
Occupation(s) Meteorologist
Voice Actor Phil Morris
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One

Doctor Odele is one of The Secret Scientists and a friend of Doc Saturday and Drew Saturday. He specializes in anomalous weather. His first appearance is in The Kur Stone: Part One.


Dr. Odele is an older man with short, white hair and a full beard. He wears a white shirt beneath a beige button-up.


Not much is known about Dr. Odele. He has been shown to be kind and empathetic, as well as non-confrontational. He chose to surrender against Kumari Kandam in The King of Kumari Kandam, rather than risk the safety of his employees and coworkers by fighting.


Dr. Odele offered to watch Zak when Doc and Drew were trying to beat Argost to the last piece of the Kur Stone in The Kur Stone: Part One. The offer was declined. He was trusted enough to be told about the Saturdays having a Kur Stone piece, despite having joined the Secret Scientists only relatively recently. He was not one of the original members who assaulted Weird World.

In The King of Kumari Kandam, Dr. Odele and his team were studying strange weather when Kumari Kandam rose from the ocean and began shooting at them. He called Doc and Drew to inform them of what was going on and attempted to surrender before anyone got hurt.

In Eterno, Dr. Odele can be seen in the room with the other Secret Scientists brought in to figure out how to fix the freshwater crisis in the Middle East, although he has no lines.



  • It can be assumed that Dr. Odele is a long-time friend of the Saturdays, as Doc and Drew trust him enough to leave Zak with him often and Zak talks about him familiarly.