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Dr. Drew Saturday
Drew Saturday.jpg
General Information
Species Human
Age Mid/Late 30s
Affiliations Secret Scientists
Occupation(s) Cryptozoologist
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Trained Hand-to-Hand Combat
Equipment Tibetan Fire Sword

Cortex Disruptor

Relatives Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Doc Saturday (husband)
Zak Saturday (son)
Doyle Blackwell (brother)
Fiskerton Saturday (adopted son)
Komodo Saturday (adopted son)
Zon Saturday (adopted daughter)
Drew Monday (anti-matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Nicole Sullivan
Vanessa Marshall (T.G.I.S.)
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One
"I'm your mom, Zak. I'm gonna trust you, even when it's stupid."
Drew Saturday to Zak Saturday in Kur: Part Two

Drew Saturday (née Blackwell) is one of the main protagonists of The Secret Saturdays. The wife of Doc and mother to Zak, she is a member of the Secret Scientists and one of the world's leading experts in the pseudo-science of cryptozoology. 


Drew is a young woman of average height and a slender, pear-shape build, with long, pale blonde (almost white) hair fair skin.

Her usual attire consists of a full-length black bodysuit worn underneath an orange vest that reaches down to her mid-thighs, orange elbow-length gloves, black boots, and an orange utility belt. She usually has her Tibetan Fire Sword strapped to her back.

For her evening wear during her anniversary dinner with Doc in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner?, Drew wore a tight black dress with matching black heels, a golden necklace with a matching bracelet, red lipstick, dark eyeshadow, and her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail.

During Van Rook's funeral in War of the Cryptids, she is shown wearing a simpler grey dress with dark gloves, dark leggings, and black heels.


When compared to the other members of her family, it's safe to say that Zak takes the most after his mother. As much as Drew gets onto him for being reckless or never listening, Drew isn't much better, especially not when someone she cares about is in danger. She will abandon all pretenses of safety or concern for her own well-being the moment that her husband or children are in danger.

Drew is very fiery, described by Argost as being "feisty." It's not so much that Drew has a temper, more so that she tends to be passionate about all of her emotions. Her anger, sadness, and compassion all noticeably stand out as examples of this, shown by how hard she fights to protect Zak, especially, and how she gave up chasing the man who killed her parents in order to comfort Zak in a vulnerable moment.

More often than not, Drew's emotions can get the best of her. She finds it difficult to keep up with her own morals sometimes, such as her desire to kill Argost despite not believing in murder as being just and how she nearly left Dr. Grey to die because Miranda was hunting Zak.

Despite her flaws, Drew is very compassionate and loving. There's nothing that's more important to her than her family.


Before the Show

Drew hugging her brother before they were separated

When Drew was a young girl, she traveled the world with her parents and her younger brother, Doyle. She describes them as a happy family who went everywhere together.

The family before the incident

On one trip, while camping in the Himilayas, the camp was destroyed by what Drew assumed at the time to be a snowstorm. Her parents were killed and Drew was swept away, tossed down the opposite side of the mountain from her brother.

Eventually, she was taken in and trained by Tibetan monks, who raised her in a Buddist temple as their daughter/disciple. Upon leaving the temple as an adult, the monks gifted her the Tibetan Fire Sword that she now carries as a weapon.

Eventually, Drew attended college, where she studied cryptozoology. She briefly dated Leonidas Van Rook, but left him when she found out that he was a mercenary without morals. Once gaining her degree, Drew met and eventually married Doc Saturday, mothering a child with him, Zak.

While Drew was pregnant, the two spearheaded an archeological dig in the ruins of ancient Sumer, where they unknowingly dug up the Kur Stone. When it is later stolen by Argost, Doc and Drew front an invasion on Weird World in order to retrieve it. They succeed at the cost of forty-three people's lives.

With the Kur Stone safely retrieved, Doc and Drew divided it into three parts to keep it separated. They buried their piece along the Amazon river and forgot about it for eleven years, turning their attention to their newborn son.

Even at a young age, Zak was going with his parents for work purposes, traveling the world with them in the airship. His enthusiasm is one of the main reasons why Doc and Drew eventually adopted Fiskerton, whom they initially only intended to rescue and relocate.

Season One

Drew is the wife of Doc and mother of Zak. She "believes in the magic" so she is willing to believe in something before the evidence is found. She's a mystic who is well-versed in the world’s cultures and can blend in anywhere her travels may take her. Drew is always encouraging her son to try new things like tribal dancing or sand painting. However, when there's a risk of danger, Drew gets a little overprotective of her only son. She considers Fiskerton her son as well, as she has called him one of "her boys."

Season Two

She is now is extremely protective of Zak, now that the Saturdays have learned that Zak is Kur. In Kur: Part One, despite Zak's being Kur, like Doc, she still deeply cares for him. In Kur: Part Two, she still deeply trusts her boy, despite that she is attacked by a Naga while under Zak's control.

In The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl, her eyes are nearly taken away by the cryptid Ahuizotl, but she's saved by Zak just in time. At the end of the episode, after they had forbidden Zak from watching TV for watching Weird World, a TV show created by their arch-enemy, V.V. Argost, she intentionally throws the TV out of the Airship, much to Doc's chagrin (luckily a new TV replaced it in the next episode). Eventually in the episode Into the Mouth of Darkness, she learns that Argost is really alive. Later she and Zak chase Argost through the silver mine while they are searching for a "monster" — which later turns out to be Zak. Unfortunately, when she is about to attack Argost with a shovel, in hopes of learning what this monster is, she is betrayed by her own son, when he slips a loop rope around her foot so she wouldn't find out about his and Argost's secret deal. She used to date Van Rook in college.

During And Your Enemies Closer, she and Doyle (whose search for Argost's past led him there) reunited in Himalayas and she realizes Doyle doesn't remember how they were separated. She tells her brother it wasn't the first time he's been to the mountains, as it was the same place that their family was lost. At his request, she and the monks show him the exact spot as he recalls that he ended up sliding down the slope and wound up in an orphanage which led to the way he grew up.

When Drew mentioned it was because of the storm that they lost their parents, Doyle recalls another piece of the event. Drew then learns that it wasn't the blizzard that separated her and Doyle but an attack on their camp by a cryptid, with its arrival throwing her in the tent and prevented her from seeing it. She then learns that Doyle was knocked on the slope by the cryptid as he tried to help their parents who were attacked. She calms her brother as nobody could have known however, she realizes the monks knew all along but didn't tell her. Drew is furious that they withheld this from her. The monks inform the siblings the cryptid that attacked their family was called the Yeti and her parents were some of its many victims. They hunted it down several times but after they found its lair, the yeti was gone. Drew then demanded to see the lair.

The monks show her, Doyle and company the abandoned area filled with items of the Yeti's many victims. Much to her shock, she and Doyle learn that the cryptid that destroyed their family, killed their parents, and caused them to be separated and grow up in different ways was in fact Argost.

During "War of the Cryptids," Argost unleashes an army of cryptids onto the world. The Secret Saturday's army fight back, and have the upper hand. Drew is determined to catch the villain, up to the point of alienating Zak when he was hurt

When Argost is cornered, Drew threatened him with her fire blade as she and Doyle confronted him and reveal the monster that attacked their family two decades ago was him. They wanted Argost to admit it, though Argost laughs at their misery by listing their parents among his many victims.

Enraged at his sadism, Drew nearly attacks Argost in rage however, she returns to her senses as Zak catches up to her and points out she would be no better than Argost.

Rani Nagi took her sword from her and attempted to kill her with it, but Van Rook jumped in the way of the blast, saving Drew's life, yet losing his own. Leonidas Van Rook died in Drew's arms. She was so caught up in the moment that she failed to notice her own son agreeing to go with Argost. When Zak supposedly died, Drew was devastated, but was beyond happy when her baby boy turned out to be alright. She was last seen at Van Rook's funeral, crying on her husband's shoulder after the reception.


Doc Saturday is Drew's husband. Both of them being cryptozoologists, they hit it off easily when they first met. Since meeting young and getting married, they have had a very happy marriage based on mutual respect and trust.

Fighting together has made their relationship strong. From a scientific perspective, Doc and Drew disagree often, but they don't consider it to be arguing or fighting. They enjoy debating with each other, able to disagree without getting mean-spirited. They are both prideful, but willing to admit to the other when they are wrong.

Doc has been shown to go to extreme lengths to keep Drew safe, and she for him, both of them growing furious and twice as determined when the other is in danger.

Other than their work, the biggest source of disagreement for Doc and Drew comes to parenting decisions for their children — Zak, specifically. They can often come to a compromise on this as well, as there's nothing Doc and Drew wouldn't do for each other and their kids.

Zak Saturday is Drew's son. She tends to be a lot more strict than Doc, often wanting Zak to stay somewhere safe and turning down the idea of giving him weapons flat-out. Although Zak can be pushy, he respects her answers on the matter.

When Zak is put in danger, Drew becomes very overprotective, such as when she shot Zon out of the sky in The Kur Stone: Part Two for trying to fly off with him, or how she immediately attempted to shoot and kill Argost in War of the Cryptids for trying to get Zak to surrender to him. Zak finds this tendency annoying, as he always does when he thinks he's being treated like a child, but it has saved his life once or twice.

Drew and Zak tend to be more openly affectionate with each other as well, touching or hugging often. Drew still considers Zak to be her "baby boy" and often points out his age as a reason why he shouldn't be fighting. She likely won't stop being overprotective any time soon.

Doyle Blackwell is Drew's long-lost younger brother. When they were children, they adored each other as well as their parents.

Being separated and finding each other again, as adults, Drew and Doyle's relationship changed. Although she loves him, Drew can't ignore that Doyle grew up as a mercenary and has to make tough decisions in the name of keeping her new family safe, as guilty as it makes her feel. Doyle sometimes takes it personally, but they managed to find new respect by fighting side-by-side.

Doyle and Drew have a healthy sibling rivalry, born of them both being prideful and natural show-offs. They often tease each other. Unlike Doc, who held a grudge against Doyle's past behavior for half of season one, Drew forgave him almost immediately.

Since meeting each other again, Doyle has become much more family-oriented and will often protect Drew in a fight if she needs it.

Fiskerton Saturday is Drew's adopted son. She refers to Fisk as one of her "boys" several times throughout the series, showing that she loves Fisk like a son and Fisk loves her like a mother.

There is some distance between them when compared to how Drew treats Zak, but only because Drew understands that Fisk is stronger and more capable of protecting himself in a fight. Fisk is less likely to be injured so, therefore, requires less of her attention and worry — not to say that Drew never worries about Fisk.

As shown in Target: Fiskerton, Fisk was jealous of all the attention that Zak was getting from their parents. He feels undervalued as a member of the family. Although it's not clear if he ever mentions this feeling of inadequacy to his parents but, seeing as Fisk never brings it up again, it's safe to say that he harbors no ill-will toward Drew or Doc. Even if they can't always prioritize him, they love him just as much as their other children.

Komodo Saturday is Drew's adopted son. She considers Komodo to be one of "her boys" and will often call him as such.

It's worth noting that Drew is the only person in the family, other than Zak, that Komodo has touched for affectionate purposes. At the end of Black Monday, Komodo allowed Drew to pick him up in a pseudo-hug.

Although Drew sometimes teases Komodo, saying that they should have gotten a pet dog like a "normal family," there's no doubting how much she cares for him.

Zon Saturday is Drew's adopted daughter. Like Doc, Drew initially wasn't fond of her and didn't want to adopt her (mostly because Zon attacked them and tried to eat Doc's head). However, Zak wore them down.

Compared to how she worries for "her boys," Drew seems to fret over Zon much less. Her only real worry was in The Underworld Bride, where she obviously didn't want Zon to be eaten alive. This is probably because Zon is relatively new to the family, though there's no doubt that Drew will grow closer to her as the years go by.

Leonidas Van Rook is Drew's ex-boyfriend. According to what Drew says in Target: Fiskerton, they "dated a few times" in college. Interestingly, Van Rook implies that their relationship was more serious than that, saying "Beautiful town, Drew. This could have been our honeymoon."

Regardless, Drew only dated Van Rook before knowing that he was a mercenary. After finding out, she left him, and it's implied that Van Rook has never gotten over her entirely.

Although Van Rook was willing to let Drew die for a job in Food of the Giants, he seems to have changed during season two, while he was working with Doyle. Despite their complicated past, Van Rook loves Drew enough to sacrifice himself for her, dying in her arms with no regrets.



  • She speaks 37 surface languages.
  • As confirmed by the creator of the show on his Instagram, Drew was "around 35 years old" or so, "maybe," at the time of the show.
  • Stephens has confirmed that her maiden name is Blackwell.
  • A running gag in the series is that Drew breaks TVs from their home or Airship. In The Kur Stone: Part One she throws a TV at someone who is later revealed to be Doyle Blackwell, her brother. She also throws a TV out of the airship in The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl to prevent Zak from watching Weird World, much to Doc's chagrin, who wanted only to ground Zak from watching TV.
  • Drew has mentioned that she is an ace fighter pilot, which she takes great pride in, refusing to be shot down even if she does so on purpose as a diversion in Legion of Garuda.
  • Another running gag in the series is that whenever her son Zak is in danger, captured, or injured she'll most likely go into her overprotective mom-mode, and she'll do anything to make sure her son is safe.
    • Ever since Drew and her husband found out that their son is Kur, Drew has gotten a lot more protective of her son, since many people actually are now after him.
  • In Food of the Giants, she shows her skill as an expert in wilderness survival.
  • Despite being a cryptid expert, before And Your Enemies Closer, she had never heard of the Yeti plaguing the Himilayan mountains.
  • It is mentioned in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner? that during her and Doc's previous anniversary, she and Doc were somehow trapped inside a belly of a giant squid (which was apparently more pleasant than Marrakesh).