Drew and Doyle's parents
The Blackwells by NightscreamArachnia-1-
General Information
Species Human
Age Deceased
Occupation(s) Unknown
Relatives Drew Saturday (Daughter)
Doyle Blackwell (Son)
Zak Saturday (Grandson)
Doc Saturday (Son-in-law)
Fiskerton Saturday (Adopted Grandson)
Komodo Saturday (Adopted Grandson)
Zon Saturday (Adopted Granddaughter)
Voice Actor N/A
First Appearance Van Rook's Apprentice

Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell were Drew and Doyle's parents, therefore they are Zak's maternal grandparents.


They went camping in the Himalayas with their children. During the night, the camp was destroyed, presumably by a snow storm.

In And Your Enemies Closer, it is revealed by their son that it was not the storm but a cryptid that attacked them and caused his and Drew's separation. Drew was blown away in a tent by its arrival and was unable to see it. Doyle remembered watching his parents getting attacked by the beast and tried to help but he was knocked away down the slope to a village and ended up in an orphanage. The Tibetan monks then revealed that they always knew it was a cryptid that attacked the family and withheld it to further hurt Drew. They reveal it was the Yeti and the Blackwells weren't its only victims in those days.

Traveling to its abandoned lair, they learn that V.V. Argost is The Yeti and the one that killed them, much to Drew and Doyle's fury.

In War of the Cryptids, in a flashback the Yeti returned to its lair after attacking the Blackwell's camp shown by a picture. In the present, Argost was then confronted by Drew and Doyle for his attack on their family two decades ago, they wanted him to admit his crime. Argost merely taunts them (though hinted he remembered) by listing their parents among his many screaming victims as they try to attack him out of rage.



  • It is unknown why V.V. Argost attacked the camp possibly the blackwells were cryptozooligists too or he just wanted to keep them from finding out the yeti exists. However, it was revealed that he just killed and stole for pleasure.
  • It is implied, they were V.V. Argost/The Yeti's last victims as Argost would don his mask and go onto live among humans.
  • Their first names were never revealed.
  • Drew takes after her mother while Doyle takes after his father.
  • A portrait of them was in the Yeti's lair, this might be how the monks knew how they really died.
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