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Cartoon Network Action Pack #36

The Cartoon Network Action Pack Issue #36 included a comic called "Escape From Weird World," which was released in June of 2009. It was written by John Rozum, inked by Mike Manley, colored by Heroic Age, penciled by Will Sweeney, lettered by John J. Hill, and edited by Elisabeth V. Gehrlein with associate editor Sean Ryan.


When he is captured by Argost to be held for ransom, Komodo must find a way to escape Weird World, along with the other cryptids that Argost has locked up.


After attempting to capture the Malaysian Mermaid, Argost is foiled by the Saturday family. As compensation, he instead takes Komodo as he and Munya flee, leaving the Saturdays on a boat in the middle of the ocean and unable to stop him. Zak is incredibly upset to have lost Komodo, but Doc promises to go after him as soon as they can and reminds Zak that Komodo is more than capable of taking care of himself.

When Komodo wakes up in Argost's dungeon, he overhears Van Rook comment that he doesn't understand the point of kidnapping Komodo, as it won't get him any closer to Kur. Argost replies that he's counting on the Saturday family trying to rescue him so that he can enact his plan. It's implied that Argost wants to kill Komodo in front of them to break their spirit.

Komodo captures Munya.

Later, when Munya is feeding the other caged animals, Komodo turns invisible when it's his turn to be fed. Munya enters the cage to investigate and Komodo knocks him over, stealing the cattle prod that Munya had before locking him in the cage instead. Once free, Komodo also releases a Skunk Ape, Gulon, Jinshin-Mushin, and a Ki lin. Munya transforms to break out of the cage, but Komodo zaps him with the cattle prod, knocking him out.

After they escape, they leave the dungeon and face Van Rook. The Gulon jumps on him and knocks him down, causing Van Rook to fire at the chandelier above them by accident. The Skunk Ape grabs the Gulon, pulling it out of the way so that the chandelier lands on Van Rook instead. Hearing the noise, Argost comes to investigate and recapture them, but the Junshin-Mushin generates a sound wave along the wall that causes the stone columns that are holding up the balcony that Argost is on to collapse.

Komodo reunites with the family.

With Argost taken care of, they leave the building in time to meet up with the rescue party. The Saturday family showed up to rescue Komodo, as Argost expected, and they brought Miranda and Beeman with them for backup. When they see Komodo, they're all relieved and Zak and Fisk hug him. Doc comments how proud of Komodo he is and they go home.


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