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Fiskerton Monday
BM 649.jpg
General Information
Species Lemurian
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Flexibility
Relatives Doc Monday (adopted father)
Drew Monday (adopted mother)
Zak Monday (adopted brother)
Komodo Monday (adopted brother)
Zon Monday (adopted sister)
Fiskerton Saturday (matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Diedrich Bader
First Appearance Black Monday

Fiskerton Monday is an evil doppelganger of Fiskerton Saturday from the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca. His first appearance was in Black Monday.


Fiskerton is an eight-foot-tall "gorilla-cat" with tawny fur that gets lighter around his neck, face, hands, and feet. He has red eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Rather than having ears, Fiskerton Monday has red horns with slight ridges on them.


He tends to be more aggressive personally, rather than physically. For example, in Black Monday, he took offense to Zak Saturday's comment on his appearance with bandages wrapped around the top of his head and was quick to blame Zak Saturday for the snow that appeared in his bedroom.

He doesn't seem to regard anyone in his family very fondly, which could mean that he isn't quick to affection for anyone. Not enough of Fiskerton Monday is seen to know much about his personality beyond his role as a follower. He takes orders from his family without question.


Along with most of the other members of the Monday family, Fiskerton comes out of the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca in Black Monday after Zak Saturday touches it. Using bandages to cover his physical differences from Fiskerton Saturday, he poses as a member of the Saturday family in order to lure Drew Saturday out of hiding.

Zak S. runs into him after fleeing his room, after it began snowing inside and his bed turned to water. Fisk blames it on Zak S., although their conversation is derailed by the arrival of Zak Monday. Zak M. uses his influencing powers to control Fisk, forcing him to attack Zak S. Once Zak S. manages to defeat Zak M., though, Fisk slumps over with Zon and Komodo, unconscious.

Later, when Zak S. decides to run out on Drew M. (who was pretending to be Drew S.), Fisk is tasked with carrying Doc M. (who is pretending to be Doc S.) through the ancient Aztec ruins outside of the Saturday airship. He takes his bandages off, revealing his true identity, when the rest of his family does. Together, they corner Zak and Drew Monday and capture them.

Once Zak S. escapes and frees his parents, Fisk M. fights his other self for some time, although he gets distracted with the rest of his family over a power struggle for the Smoke Mirror. When Zak Monday turns on them, Fisk M. is sucked in with everyone else and the Mirror is shattered.

Although Zak M. and Komodo M. manage to escape the Mirror by the end of the episode, Fisk M. remains stuck there with the rest of the Mondays.

In Paris is Melting, when Zak Saturday travels to the Shadow World to steal the Monday's airship, Fisk M. is the one to grab him. He holds Zak by the back of his shirt for Doc and Drew M. to deal with, although Fisk eventually ends up letting him go once a deal is struck.

Trusting Zak S. pays off, as he delivers Zak M. and Komodo M. back to the Shadow World as he promised. Fisk M. participates in beating them both, in the name of revenge.



  • His horns are sharp and sturdy enough to shatter airplane-grade plexiglass.