Fiskerton Phantom
Fiskerton large
Vital statistics
Species Fiskerton Phantom
Habitat Nottinghamshire, England
Type Large gorilla
Abilities Inhuman Strength, shown to have night vision, requires little or no sleep
Affiliations Zak's Army
First appearance The Kur Stone:Part One

Fiskerton Phantom is an 8-foot tall member of the cryptid species "gorilla-cats," with glowing red eyes and tan fur. It was first seen in The Kur Stone:Part One.


Fiskerton Saturday is one of the few remaining gorilla-cats, whose home is in Nottinghamshire, England. Will appear in the upcoming Secret Saturdays video game, Beast of the Fifth Sun. The term gorilla-cat means that he is a bipedal ape with some cat-like features such as his ears and eyes.



In the Show


In "Code of the Cryptids," Fiskerton will sometimes appear in the background.


Birds: In Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner, Fiskerton Saturday is shown chasing a robin. In Food of the Giants, he told Abbey to feed him a bird, but she let the bird go, since she didn't understand his language. In Life in the Underground, Fisk wanted to cook a bird in Zak's birthday, but Doc refused.

Fish: In Van Rook's Apprentice Fiskerton is seen rubbing his hands together and opening his mouth when Zak throws a fish in the air for Zon and in Something in the Water, he is shown eating chum (fish guts).

Grubs: In The Kur Guardian Fiskerton was shown with a mouthful of grubs and even offers one to Doyle.Yuck!

Plants: Just like gorillas, they may eat plants

Al-Kaseem Firecracker Beetles - Fiskerton and Komodo both tried to catch one in the first episode.

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