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Fiskerton Saturday
General Information
Species Lemurian
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Flexibility
Equipment Tibetan Fire Sword (temporarily)
Relatives Doc Saturday (adoptive father)
Drew Saturday (adoptive mother)
Zak Saturday (adopted brother)
Komodo Saturday (adoptive brother)
Zon Saturday (adoptive sister)
Doyle Blackwell (maternal adoptive uncle)
Fiskerton Monday (anti-matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Diedrich Bader
Corey Burton (T.G.I.S.)
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One
"I see both primate and feline characteristics, but I truly have no idea what he is."
Doc, conducting a DNA test on Fiskerton in The Kur Guardian

Fiskerton Saturday is one of the main protagonists of The Secret Saturdays, a Lemurian, and he is the adoptive son of Drew and Doc Saturday as well as Zak's older adoptive brother.


Fiskerton is an eight-foot-tall "gorilla-cat" with tawny fur that gets lighter around his neck, face, hands, and feet. He has red eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Despite these features, he's so easy-going that Fiskerton looks relatively harmless. He only appears threatening when he's angry.


Fiskerton tends to be more nervous and hesitant than Zak, especially during season one. He is more a follower than a leader and goes along with Zak's plans and ideas. He startles easily but, in a real fight, is far from a coward.

In fact, Fisk takes pride in his fighting abilities. While his family (and most of their friends) regard him as very gentle and nonthreatening, Fisk can hold his own and finds a certain thrill in fighting that gives him a boost in confidence.

He's generally not very smart when it comes to technological know-how and still very much behaves like a child. That being said, Fisk isn't an idiot, as he learned to speak something resembling English since being adopted by the Saturdays. He has strong instincts, relating to him being a Lemurian, and more often than not will go with his gut feeling.

Fisk is very friendly and has a good sense of humor. He enjoys childish pranks or messing around with Zak. He's open with physical affection and loves his family more than anything.


Before the Show

Fiskerton is one of the last of a legendary race of cryptids called Lemurians that was adopted by the Saturday family when he lost his home in Nottinghamshire, England. Fisk was driven out by the townspeople who lived nearby and were terrified of him, chasing after him with pitchforks and torches before setting fire to his home.

His introduction to the Saturday family was hesitant, as Fisk was easily scared by the strange technology around him and the new people. Zak warmed up to him immediately, offering to let Fisk sleep in his room. He takes the blame when Fiskerton breaks his bed and makes sure that Komodo doesn't scare Fisk when the two are introduced. All of this led to Zak and Fisk growing very close and trust of each other.

Season One

He has shown himself to be a decent pilot and driver in some episodes. In The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes, Fisk lives up to the title of "Phantom" during a snowball fight with Zak in a blizzard, during which Zak can hardly see or hit him because as he said, "Hey, no fair, you're all camouflaged in this weather."

There is a drawing of a Fiskerton Phantom on the wall where Kur's tomb is in Cryptid vs. Cryptid. That same episode, Fisk proves to be a great fighter by taking down almost all the cryptids in cage matches with Doyle as his manager. However, he never gets to finish his fight with the guardian of Kur's Tomb, the Rakshasha.

Fisk is captured in the episode Target: Fiskerton, while trying to protect Zak. After Doyle and the rest of the family rescued him, he is back and better than ever. In The Kur Guardian, Fisk's past and his future are revealed. Fisk is actually a Lemurian and destined to protect the world from Kur, though Fisk has no idea how to do so yet. In Shadows of Lemuria, Fisk goes completely mad, as his Lemurian instincts took over. He destroys the Saturdays' home but creates a divining rod that points to where Kur is: Antarctica. While in Antarctica, Kur is actually revealed to be Zak.

Season Two

Despite learning that Zak is Kur, Fiskerton continues to protect Zak as shown in Kur: Part One and Part Two, possibly guarding him against his own Kur instincts.


Doc Saturday is Fiskerton's adopted father. Ironically, Doc tends to treat Fisk as more of a child than Zak, at least when it comes to handling the family's technology and inventions.

Doc does consider Fisk to be one of his kids, shown in Eterno when he referred to Zak, Wadi, and Fisk as "three children." Despite this, Doc trusts Fisk with certain responsibilities, such as keeping Zak safe. This shows that Doc sees Fisk as a more capable fighter than Zak. Although Doc isn't one for hugs, he will often set a hand on Fisk's shoulder, especially after a fight.

Drew Saturday is Fiskerton's adopted mother. She refers to Fisk as one of her "boys" several times throughout the series, showing that she loves Fisk like a son and Fisk loves her like a mother.

There is some distance between them when compared to how Drew treats Zak, but only because Drew understands that Fisk is stronger and more capable of protecting himself in a fight. Fisk is less likely to be injured so, therefore, requires less of her attention and worry — not to say that Drew never worries about Fisk.

As shown in Target: Fiskerton, Fisk was jealous of all the attention that Zak was getting from their parents. He feels undervalued as a member of the family. Although it's not clear if he ever mentions this feeling of inadequacy to his parents but, seeing as Fisk never brings it up again, it's safe to say that he harbors no ill-will toward Drew or Doc. Even if they can't always prioritize him, they love him just as much as their other children.

Zak Saturday is Fiskerton's adopted brother and best friend. Zak trusts Fisk in a way that he doesn't trust anyone else, and the reverse is also true. They met when Zak was very young, only about four or five. Zak immediately welcomed Fisk to the family with open arms, helping him get comfortable around Komodo and covering for Doc when it looked like Fisk might get in trouble. Initially, he was very skittish and liable to run away at any loud noise, but Zak helped Fisk relax and open up, learning to trust again.

Over the course of the series, Fisk and Zak often drag each other into all kinds of mischief and schemes, often switching off on taking the blame or blaming each other, depending on how angry their parents are. They have a lot of fun together and Fisk is almost always glued to Zak's side. He is the only one that knows about Zak's deal with Argost for the entire time that it lasts.

Fisk also tends to be overprotective, which annoys Zak, particularly when it gets in the way of helping the rest of their family. Despite Fisk's great love for his brother, he gets jealous and feels ignored when their parents begin hyper-obsessing on Zak's safety over anyone else's. He also internalizes this mindset, believing Zak to be more important than him and sacrificing himself or putting himself in harm's way to save his brother.

Zak does the same for Fisk, many times putting himself between Fisk and an attacker. It is safe to say that they would die for one another. There is no one else in the world who they trust more than each other.

Komodo Saturday is Fiskerton's adopted brother. Fisk and Komodo have something of a love-hate relationship.

Although the two are bothers and care about each other, Komodo tends to be rather snappish when Fisk tries to initiate contact and Fisk will often tease Komodo. The only thing that they seem to have in common is their love for Zak and their desire to keep him safe. Even this can be a point of contention, though, as a part of their strained relationship could be due to jealousy.

Regardless, they care about each other very much. Fisk and Komodo have both gone out of their way to save each other.

Zon Saturday is Fiskerton's adopted sister. They aren't shown to be very close, though they both regard each other as family.

Fisk dislikes Zon, although not as much as Komodo does. He doesn't like having to carry her in Food of the Giants, though he'll carry Zak frequently, often without prompting. Fisk has also been shown to be jealous of the attention that Zon receives from Zak, such as when he praises her or giver her a fish.

Still, Fisk isn't one to hold grudges and Zon has no ill-will toward him. They were happy and relieved to see each other after Fisk was rescued from Weird World in Escape From Weird World.

Doyle Blackwell is Fiskerton's maternal adopted uncle. Like Zak, Fisk idolizes Doyle and thinks that he's incredibly cool. Doyle is one of the few people that Fisk has been shown hugging.

They don't work together often, but have chemistry when they do, such as in Cryptid vs. Cryptid when Doyle improvised his way into a cryptid fighting ring and Fisk went along with his prompts after little or no direction. Fisk also relied on Doyle for guidance while in the ring and Doyle did his best to offer it while still being aware of Fisk's safety.

Doyle cares enough about Fisk to break into Weird World by himself in order to rescue him, fully knowing the dangers. He respects Fisk's feelings, shown when he agreed not to tell the others that Fisk was a Lemurian until Fisk was ready.



  • Interesting to note, the real Fiskerton Phantom does not resemble the cartoon's version. According to British folklore, the Fiskerton Phantom was a large black cat, similar to other cryptids such as the Beast of Bodmin Moor and the Beast of Exmoor.
    • But there is a cryptid in Scottish folklore that resembles Fiskerton, the Am Fear Liath Mor (Big Gray Man), which is said to be the Bigfoot of Scotland but has whitish fur, like a ghost.
  • Ironically, the person Fiskerton trusts the most is Kur himself (the cryptid he is supposed to protect the world from).
  • In Cryptid vs. Cryptid, it is shown that Fiskerton can sneeze with enough force to blow away a group of people.
  • His favorite food is chum (fish guts). However, in the field guide, it says his favorite snack is popcorn, which he is seen eating in Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner?
  • He can speak complex words and phrases on occasion, as "c'est l'amour" or "thus speaketh Kur."
  • Fisk's voice actor, Diedrich Bader, was given an English script for his lines and then translated them himself into "Fisk speak," which is why Fisk is sometimes understandable to the audience and, other times, is incomprehensible.
  • Although Doc and Drew can understand single words or short phrases from him, Zak is the only one shown to understand Fisk well-enough to have full conversations with him.