Flesh-eating Black Fly
34678 (21)
Vital statistics
Species Flesh-eating Black Fly
Type Fly
First appearance Van Rook's Apprentice

Flesh-eating Black Fly are large black flies that work in huge swarms. Their first appearance was in Van Rook's Apprentice.

34678 (23)
34678 (24)
34678 (21)


These cryptids are aggressive even when they are not provoked, and are revered for being left alone. They attack swift and without reason. These pests are said to be 5-6 inches long, and be completely black, except for small bands of red and yellow on its face and abdomen. The most menacing feature of this creature, is its deep, red eyes. They are also highly venomous, able to kill cattle-sized creatures.


Van Rook's Apprentice.

V.V. Argost unleashed a swarm of black flies on Drew Saturday, Zak Saturday, Zon, Doyle, Komodo, and Fiskerton. The flies chased them until Komodo appeared from his invisible state and swallowed the swarm whole.

Target: Fiskerton

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