"Every family needs a 250-pound pet lizard."
-Zak Saturday
This is a Komodo Dragon that has changes in it's DNA. There is only one known specimen, named Komodo.This unique specimen has the same genetic code that chameleons share. The genetic differences also allow this creature to have stronger durability, longer life spans, and a stronger tolerance to natural defences. It is unknown if this could be the only known specimen, or if there might be small groups of these ge
netic marvels. It is very unlikely that komodo could ever maintain a species with the same powers.

Note: This is NOT a Cryptid. It is simply a genetically modified version of an identified species. However, Zak could still control him.

In the Show

See Komodo


Most any good meal will do.

Fish: Komodo ate a Piranha in the second episode. He also took some of Zon's fish.

Flashlight frogs: Komodo attempted to eat one in the first episode.

Firecracker beetles: Komodo attempted to eat one in the first episode.

Snake: Komodo ate Rani Naga's messenger snake in the Alas Pin and he also ate 4 or 5 snakes that attacked the Saturdays in Kur part 1.

Eggs: Just like modern komodo dragons, they eat eggs. Komodo wanted to eat the Popobawa eggs, but he was stopped by Fiskerton.

Kelp: he tried to eat Ulraj kelp necklace in The Underworld Bride. He succeeded into eating his kelp necklace and he ate it again in Life in the Underground.

Oxen: Just like modern komodo dragons, Komodo may eat ox and bulls. In Something In The Water, the meat to lure the Grootslang could be part of an ox that Komodo was eating.

Flesh-eating Black Flies: Komodo ate a huge swarm in Van Rook's Apprentice. He doesn't seem to mind if they're highly venomous when he ate them.

Goats: In Curse of the Stolen Tiger, Komodo tried to eat one.

Jinshin-Mushi: Komodo tried to eat one in Kur Rising, but he wasn't able to swallow it.

Rats: In Escape From Weird World, Munya tried to feed Komodo rats.

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