Green Goon
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Vital statistics
Species Green Goon
First appearance Ghost in the Machine

Green Goon (Chorocebus sabaeus americanumeniods) was a former human. It made its first and only appearance in Ghost in the Machine.


What was once a human until he became one of the victims of Basil Lancaster's and Dr. Lee's cryptid super soldier experiments.

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Green Goon between the Bishopville Lizardman and the Bardin Booger.

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Green Goon with Momo and the Fouke Monster (above).

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Green Goon (in front of the vehicle), Fouke Monster, Bardin Booger, Kinchafoonee Creep, and Momo chasing Zak, Fiskerton, and Komodo.

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Green Goon's arms above the Kinchafoonee Creep and Momo and next to the Fouke Monster.


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