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Henry Cheveyo
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General Information
Species Human
Affiliations Secret Scientists
Voice Actor Diedrich Bader
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One

Dr. Henry Cheveyo is one of The Secret Scientists and a friend of Drew Saturday and Doc Saturday. He made his first and only appearance in The Kur Stone: Part One.


Dr. Cheveyo is a tall man with neatly cut black hair and angular features. He wears a grey t-shirt beneath a zipped-down white bodysuit with red accents. He wears beige boots.


Henry comes across as a bit naïve and gullible, having believed Argost's claims that he would not hurt the Saturday family, despite having just blown up Cheveyo's observatory. It could also be that Cheveyo is cowardly and agreed to whatever he had to in order to avoid a fight.

Despite that, he is well-meaning and a good friend, shown when he sacrificed himself for the Saturdays during Argost's attack.


Dr. Cheveyo is stationed at the Mesa Observatory in Arizona. He was one of the original members of the Secret Scientists that survived Weird World and was keeping a piece of the Kur Stone hidden.

Eleven years after he invaded Weird World with the others, in The Kur Stone: Part One, V.V. Argost attacks him at his observatory and takes the piece. After, he leaves Dr. Cheveyo with a Neural Parasite on the back of his neck in order to learn the final piece's location from the Saturday family when they showed up to check on him.

Using Dr. Cheveyo's body, Argost uses firecracker beetles to attack the Saturday family, upon which Cheveyo admits that he allowed Argost to use his body because Argost promised not to hurt anyone. In the end, he sacrifices himself so that the Saturdays can race to the Amazon to intercept and stop Argost from getting their piece of the Kur Stone.

Later, Dr. Odele mentions having Dr. Cheveyo in extensive care and says that he will live.



  • Because Dr. Cheveyo is never seen again after his debut episode and it is confirmed that he's not dead, it is likely that he retired from the Secret Scientists after all that happened.
  • Considering that he was stationed at the Mesa Observatory, known for its views of the night sky, Dr. Cheveyo is likely an astrophysicist.