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The Hibagon
Vital Statistics
Species Hibagon
Habitat Mt. Hiba, Japan
Type Bigfoot
Abilities Super Strength
First appearance The Vengeance of Hibagon

The Hibagon is the Japanese equal to North America's Bigfoot or the Yeti from the Himalayas. It was first scene in The Vengeance of Hibagon.


It has said that it is relatively small compared to other creatures similar to itself, being 5 or 6 feet tall. In The Secret Saturdays, it appears as an 18-foot tall, blue gorilla-like creature. This might show that this Hibagon might not be a real Hibagon. Possibly Fuzen genetically enhanced it. The Hibagon has been known for its "rotting flesh" smell. This could be caused by its dense coat of fur.


There is concept art of this cryptid on the old secret saturdays website. It is believed that the concept art was drawn by one of the shows producers due to how the drawing looks.

Concept art from the old secret saturdays website


The Vengeance of Hibagon.

Its brain was swapped with Professor Talu Mizuki's, a Japanese scientist, by a local crime lord named Shoji Fuzen. After being persuaded by the Saturdays to cease his quest for revenge, he was allowed live in a secluded cave to continue his research.


In the Comics

The Hibagon/Professor Mizuki return in Cartoon Network Action Pack #34.