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The Invunche is a cryptid that was only appeared in the video game, The Secret Saturdays: Beast of the Fifth Sun.

The Invunche resides in the rivers of Africa, but is known for the ability to adapt its body to lava or extreme cold. it does not mind the villagers as many of the villagers used this docile cryptid as a ferry across large bodies of water. The invunche has a very thick hide that allows it to survive extreme temperatures. It is also believed to be an extinct species of giant gastropods. Its two spikes or horns are used as antennas to feel for foods, or to see were it is going. The tripod-like triangle feet it has are also used to distribute the outer temperatures evenly.


  • Even though this cryptid is portrayed as a disfigured human in mythology, it is really a giant species of leech.
  • This cryptid is known for ingesting large amounts of blood, and bloating to the size of baloons.
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