Jersey Devil
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Vital statistics
Species Jersey Devil
Habitat The swamps of New Jersey
Affiliations Zak's Army
First appearance Cryptid vs. Cryptid
The Jersey Devil is a cryptid that made its first appearance in Cryptid vs. Cryptid.
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The Jersey Devil is a cryptid that appears as a large grey goat with red eyes, a long tail, and large bat wings.

Van Rook was keeping it for cryptid battles. It is first seen in the episode being taken away from Fiskerton after defeat. Apparently they fly most of the time. It is seen in "War of the Cryptids' fighting on Zak's side.




  • Despite being one of the most recognizable cryptids in the world, the Jersey Devil only appeared twice in the entire series as a background character.
  • In the Cartoon network game Fusionfall, an exclusive item in the Birthday Bash event was the Jersey Devil Wings.
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