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Kalmykian Snake
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Vital Statistics
Species Kalmykian Snake
Habitat Republic of Kalmykia
Type Serpentine
Abilities Explosion
First appearance The Kur Stone: Part One
"The Kalmykian snakes were different... we didn't know they exploded."
Doc Saturday

The Kalmykian Snakes live in the desert plains of the Republic of Kalmykia in Russia.

They are very venomous and colors range from green or purplish-blue. They are easily provoked and territorial and will attack without provocation. They can cause their old layer of skin to explode and several of them exploding in the same area can do quite a bit of damage.

Despite being so aggressive, the Kalmykian snakes prefer to live in groups, likely with other snakes that they mated with or hatched with and, thus, have a trustworthy bond with.

In the Comics

The snakes, as they appear in the comic.

In the comic Crying Wolf, the Saturday family heads out to the Republic of Kalmykia in order to prove this cryptid's existence. Unfortunately, they do, a little bit too well. The snakes destroy the Fiskertrike, leaving the Saturdays to walk back to the airship and find a safe place to stay the night.

In the Show

In the first episode, Zak references the snakes as a point to his parents about how he can handle unforeseen dangers. There is a picture of the snakes blowing up around them, likely taken by Fiskerton as a mistake when he was similarly surprised by the explosions.