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Ki Lin is a mythical deer-like creature of China and only appeared in Cartoon Network Action Pack #36: Escape from Weird World.

Ki Lin is a Chinese version of a unicorn. The ki-lin is one of the legendary ssu long. They are the beast of the cardinal PO

in the south of Asia. The ki-lin is a sign of peace and the purest good. They are said to be so gentle that they crush no living thing, and leave no footprint. It harms no good but crushes all destruction.

Ki Lin
Vital Statistics
Species Unknown
Habitat Asia
Type deer
Abilities Sharp horn
enhanced speed
Status unknown
First appearance Escape From WeirdWorld

Real World

The Ki-Lin (Kirin in Japanese, Qilin in Chinese) is a fearsome-looking creature, but only punishes wicked people, it is also a pet of Chinese gods.

In Japanese art, it looks more deer-like, which is how it is depicted in Escape from Weird World. In it's native China, its look differs from era to era, and even region to region, but most statues have the Quilin looking like either a big cat or a dragon.


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