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Komodo Monday
BM 557.jpg
General Information
Species Varanus komodoensis
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Impenetrability
Relatives Doc Monday (adopted father)
Drew Monday (adopted mother)
Zak Monday (adopted brother/servant)
Fiskerton Monday (adopted brother)
Zon Monday (adopted sister)
Komodo Saturday (matter counter-part)
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
First Appearance Black Monday
"Are you disturbed yet?"
Komodo Monday in Black Monday

Komodo Monday is an evil doppelganger of Komodo Saturday. His first appearance was in Black Monday.


Komodo appears to be smaller than the average adult Komodo dragon, being about six feet long in total, though he still weighs (reportedly) two-hundred and fifty pounds, which is about the standard. He has fangs and claws, along with dark green scales and red, beady eyes.

There are black patches of scales along his back that are patterned as circles. When using his impenetrability, these black spots spread to cover Komodo's entire body.


Komodo is incredibly intelligent and patient. He has no problem waiting to get what he wants, manipulating the situation from behind the scene as he does so.

Although ruthless, Komodo is not needlessly cruel like Zak Monday or as aggressive as Drew Monday. He very much prefers to give orders and expects others to do as he says.

He's very manipulative, shown when he convinces/threatens Zak Saturday into going into the Smoke Mirror and, more subtly, how he uses Zak Monday's love of inflicting pain as a reward for his obedience. Examples being how he compliments Zak Monday for being "twisted" in Black Monday and, later, allows Zak M. to rampage through Paris in Paris is Melting.


Like the rest of the Monday family, Komodo leaves the Shadow World via the Smoke Mirror in Black Monday, after Zak Saturday touches it. It's unknown how much of the plan was Komodo's idea, as Drew Monday takes most of the credit for it, but he ends up wrapping bandages around his body to cover the black marks and poses as Komodo Saturday in Zak S.'s life.

Komodo M. does a good job of pretending to be Komodo S. for most of the episode, though he reveals himself alongside the rest of his family once Drew S. and Zak S. are cornered. With all of the Saturdays captured, the Mondays prepare to send them all to the Shadow World in their places.

When the Saturdays escape and a fight breaks out, Komodo M. mostly stays out of it, although he defeats his other self easily by turning to stone temporarily. Like the rest of his family, he's sucked into the Smoke Mirror by Zak Monday toward the end of the episode right before the Mirror is broken.

However, Komodo Monday does manage to escape, by having Zak Monday latch onto something on the other side with his Fang. They both slip through the broken fragments of the Mirror and, with the Saturdays already leaving on their airship, are left to do as they please in a new world.

Komodo takes a more active role in Paris is Melting, where he's the only one giving orders. He and Zak M. use Fiskerton Saturday for their revenge scheme, having him attack the homes of Secret Scientists to frame him. When the Secret Scientists attempt to arrest Fisk, Zak escapes with him, along with Komodo S. and Zon S. This is exactly what Komodo M. wants and they are sent a text, via a phone taped to Fisk's fur, inviting them to go to the Louvre Museum in Paris if they want answers.

When the Saturdays arrive, Zak Monday takes control of Fisk, Zon, and Komodo S., easily subduing them all and restraining them, along with Zak Saturday. Komodo M. shows them all the repaired Smoke Mirror, an exhibit of the Museum. He explains to Zak S. that their plan is to bring back their airship, which is made of pure anti-matter, and corrupt the world wherever they fly, pinning the blame on the Saturdays. His only motivation for doing this is ruining the Saturdays' lives.

Komodo convinces Zak S. to go into the Mirror and get their airship for them, saying that, if Zak refuses, Zak Monday will take his siblings and trash Paris. If Zak S. agrees, then he at least has a chance at stopping them. Hearing this, Zak Saturday agrees, and goes into the Smoke Mirror with a rope tied around his waist so he doesn't get stuck. Once he's gone, Komodo M. of course allows Zak Monday to rampage through Paris anyway.

Once Zak S. arrives back with their airship, Komodo and Zak Monday climb aboard. Unbeknownst to them, Zak S. drained the ship's battery before getting off. Seeing as how their airship runs on darkness and there isn't a cloud in the sky, the Mondays crash back through the Smoke Mirror and end up back in the Shadow World with a family that's very displeased to see them.

Komodo Monday is last seen trying to convince a child on a school field trip picking his nose to try and listen to his commands, but the child walks away and he is dragged away from the Mirror by Drew, Doc, and Fisk M., who beat Komodo to the ground.



  • Based on how he gives Doc and Drew Monday orders, as well as calling Zak Monday his "most loyal servant," it's entirely possible that Komodo Monday is the ringleader in his family.