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Komodo Saturday
Komodo large.jpg
General Information
Species Varanus komodoensis
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Invisibility
Relatives Doc Saturday (adopted father)
Drew Saturday (adopted mother)
Zak Saturday (adopted brother)
Fiskerton Saturday (adopted brother)
Zon Saturday (adopted sister)
Doyle Blackwell (maternal adopted uncle)
Komodo Monday (anti-matter counterpart)
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One
"And you call the Komodo Dragon, "Komodo." How... imaginative."
Agent Epsilon in The Swarm At The Edge Of Space

Komodo Saturday is a genetically altered Komodo Dragon, as well as the adopted brother of Zak Saturday, Fiskerton, and Zon, and the adopted son of Doc Saturday and Drew Saturday.


Komodo appears to be smaller than the average adult Komodo dragon, being about six feet long in total, though he still weighs (reportedly) two-hundred and fifty pounds, which is about the standard. He has fangs and claws, along with dark green scales and red, beady eyes.


Komodo tends to be rather short-tempered. He doesn't have a lot of patience for joking, especially not when he's the butt of the joke. Despite this, he can still find humor at other's expense, particularly if that someone is Fisk.

Despite generally being aloof and no-nonsense, Komodo cares deeply for his family, Zak especially. He doesn't hesitate to fight when the safety of his family is put at risk.


Before the Show

It's unknown how Komodo joined the Saturday family, but he's been a part of it for longer than Fisk, as seen in Shadows of Lemuria. It's also not clear how, exactly, he was genetically altered to be given the ability to turn invisible. Doc and Drew don't seem the type to run experiments on cryptids, so Komodo was likely hatched with the unusual gift.

Season One

During the events of The Kur Stone: Part One and Part Two, Komodo had very little interest in the affairs with the Kur Stone. He ignored what the adults (and Zak) were talking about with Dr. Cheveyo in favor of hunting a beetle that was roaming around as a potential meal. Even when Komodo pounces on Dr. Cheveyo while persuing it, he doesn't care that much about the neural parasite on the man's neck or Argost's subsequent monologue. Rather, he returns to hunting the firecracker beetle until it begins to spray its flammable gas at him. In Part Two, Komodo only takes a real interest when Zon is adopted into the family... and that's only because he dislikes her.

Season Two

As shown in Kur: Part One, in the six months since Kur Rising, Doc has made a treadmill-like machine, which Komodo hooks up to and makes the airship invisible. Komodo dislikes this and he struck Doc and Fisk with his tail after they un-hooked him to voice his displeasure.


Doc Saturday is Komodo's adopted father. Although neither Komodo nor Doc are fond of showing affection, it's clear that they care about each other.

Doc tends to talk to Komodo less than Zak or Fisk, most likely because Komodo can't reply back to him. However, he finds Komodo useful, such as when Doc used his invisibility shield on the airship in Kur: Part One, and considers Komodo a close member of the family, shown in The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes, when he defended Komodo's right to help search for Zak and Fisk by saying, "They're his family, too."

Drew Saturday is Komodo's adopted mother. She considers Komodo to be one of "her boys" and will often call him as such.

It's worth noting that Drew is the only person in the family, other than Zak, that Komodo has touched for affectionate purposes. At the end of Black Monday, Komodo allowed Drew to pick him up in a pseudo-hug.

Although Drew sometimes teases Komodo, saying that they should have gotten a pet dog like a "normal family," there's no doubting how much she cares for him.

Zak Saturday is Komodo's adopted brother and, in terms of behavior, comes across as the younger brother. It's unknown how Komodo joined the Saturday family, but he was there before Fiskerton and Zak is very familiar with Komodo even in flashbacks, so it's likely that Komodo has been around since Zak was born, or possibly even before.

Zak seems to be the only member of the family that Komodo is affectionate with, as he is often snippy with Fisk or dismissive toward Doc and Drew. He will tackle-hug Zak and lick his face, not unlike a dog might. He has also been shown to sleep at the foot of Zak's bed.

Either due to his status as Kur or because he has known Komodo for most of his life, Zak can understand his brother with little effort, even when he's not making a sound. This mutual understanding might be another reason why Komodo favors Zak over the rest of the family. Zak seems to have a special regard for Komodo as well, communicating with him sometimes only through body language or gestures.

Fiskerton Saturday is Komodo's adopted brother. Fisk and Komodo have something of a love-hate relationship.

Although the two are bothers and care about each other, Komodo tends to be rather snappish when Fisk tries to initiate contact and Fisk will often tease Komodo. The only thing that they seem to have in common is their love for Zak and their desire to keep him safe. Even this can be a point of contention, though, as a part of their strained relationship could be due to jealousy.

Regardless, they care about each other very much. Fisk and Komodo have both gone out of their way to save each other.

Zon Saturday is Komodo's adopted sister. They have a strong disliking of each other, which manifests in petty ways that one would expect from children. Komodo will steal fish from her or sometimes bite her for no reason. Komodo's bitterness likely stems from how much attention Zak gives her (which is a jealous sentiment that Fisk shares).

Despite this, they are willing to work together should the situation call for it. They become particularly agreeable when asked to do something for Zak's sake.



  • Komodo is perhaps the most unusual cryptid on show, mainly because he is not a cryptid. Komodo Dragons were once unknown to the world, but have since become one of the most studied animals in science. However, since the difference between animals and cryptids are genetic in the show, Zak can still control Komodo like any other cryptid.
  • There is a running gag of Komodo eating Ulraj's kelp necklace.
  • Komodo is the only member of the Saturday family not shown in the Expansion Teaser for FusionFall.
  • Like normal Komodo Dragons, he mainly uses his tail as a weapon.
  • He is shown to be quite smart, as he operated the Griffon in Paris is Melting.
  • Komodo was the only character from the Secret Saturdays "rough draft" known as "Cryptids" to be maintained before revision.
  • Komodo likes attention (mainly from Zak) and has a sense of humor.