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Kumari Kandam Sea Serpent
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Vital Statistics
Species Sea Serpent
Habitat Indian Ocean
Type Snake
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Underwater Breathing
Affiliations Zak's Army
First appearance The King of Kumari Kandam

The Kumari Kandam Sea Serpent, or simply Kumari Serpent as Zak Saturday calls it, is an enormous sea serpent that carries the city of Kumari Kandam on it's back. Its first appearance was in The King of Kumari Kandam.


The origin of the Kumari serpent comes from a brief article in the Tamil. The Tamil refers to Kumari Kandam as The Serpent Continent. It is very unlikely that this great beast has a vast population range, but we can say that these cryptids don't have short life-spans. They can live for extremely long periods of years. This 600 ft. creature has been known for its easy-going life, but it has been recorded for attacking whole cities. This giant eats any sea creature, especially giant whales and sharks. Also appeared in video game Hunt for the Kur Stone.


The King of Kumari Kandam.

It was prevented from attacking a beach when Zak Saturday, being carried by Zon, was able to get close enough to it to use his cryptid power and several cortex disruptors on it.

The Atlas Pin.

It was under the control of Rani Nagi. With the help of Zak Saturday, they are able to break Rani Nagi's control and with the help of Ulraj and the kumaris they were able to defeat the Nagas.

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