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Life in the Underground
General Information
Original broadcast January 16th, 2010
Series The Secret Saturdays
Season 2
Episode number 8
Overall episode number 34
Written by Adam Beechen
Directed by Scott Jeralds
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Life in the Underground was the eighth episode of Season 2 of The Secret Saturdays. It is the thirty-fourth episode overall. It premiered on January 16th, 2010.



Zak's birthday party is filled with surprises, including a visit from Ulraj and Wadi. The Saturdays find out a town is being attacked by cryptids. When the Saturdays come to investigate, they are attacked. Zak's crush for Wadi and hers for him are made more open in this episode. Zak later encounters Argost in a clock tower, who hints at Kur's ability to control an entire army of cryptids from long distances. Zak, Wadi and Ulraj pursue the cryptids underground. Eventually, they fall into a pit that starts to fill with dirt. As they were being buried alive, Zak remembered Argost's words and managed to summon one of the cryptids to save them. The three soon learn that the cryptids were actually making a survival colony to save themselves from Kur. Realizing this, Zak assures the cryptids that he has no intention to harm them or anyone and ultimately earns their trust. Zak returns to the clock tower to thank Argost, who then gives Zak a neural parasite to contact him with should the need arise, despite Fisk's objections.


Main Characters


Supporting Characters



  • South Africa (mentioned only)
  • Saturday HQ
  • The city is being attacked





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  • Ulraj's and Wadi's Season 2 debuts.
  • We learn that Zak can control cryptids no matter how the distance between him and them.
  • In the this episode, Zak admits that he has a crush on Wadi, and Wadi also shows her interest in Zak.
  • Wadi kisses Zak on the cheek for the first time.
  • We learn that Ulraj doesn't like Wadi, because she is not his type, much to Wadi's dismay, which makes her like Zak more than him.
  • The Jinshin-Uwo is actually the Minhocao. The Jinshin-Uwo is actually a giant eel-like creature, while Minhocao is large worm.


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