Mississauga Blob
10000000000 (5)
Vital statistics
Species Mississauga Blob
Affiliations Argost's Army
First appearance Once More the Nightmare Factory
Misisauga blob

War of the Cryptids.

10000000000 (4)

Mississauga Blob is ready to have Komodo for dinner.

10000000000 (6)

Drew, behind you!

10000000000 (3)

Mississauga Blob is hungry.

10000000000232 (2)

He comes out of the capsule jar.

The Mississauga Blob is a sentient liquid cryptid that It made its first appearance in Once More the Nightmare Factory.


The Mississauga Blob is a moving, living mass of a green slime-like liquid. It can be seen in Argost's home, Weird World, and fighting along Argost later in the War of the Cryptids.

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