Mongolian Death Worm
E (17)
Vital statistics
Species Mongolian Death Worm
Habitat Mongolian Desert
Type Worm
Abilities Shoots electricity from it's head
First appearance The Kur Stone:Part Two (flashback)
10000000333 (85)

The tail of Mongolian death worm.

Mongolian Death Worm is cryptid said to be a 4-foot long worm that lives in the Mongolian Desert, reported have highly corrosive venom and the ability to shoot electricity from it's head. It was first seen in a flashback in The Kur Stone:Part Two.


The Kur Stone:Part Two.

They have been seen in the flashback, but they appear much larger than the reports say. V.V. Argost used his venom to attack the Saturdays.

Real World

the Mongolian Death Worm (olgoi-khorkhoi, "large intestine worm") Is described as a Bright red Worm, about 2-5 Feet (0.6 - 1.5 meters) long. Local Mongolians is the subject of numerous claims, such as being able to spit Sulfuric Acid. The Worm is said to live in the Southern Gobi Desert as Recent as 2005 groups of scientists have scoured the desert and found no evidence.

Mongolian Death Worm on Wikipedia


  • The MDW resembles the Mongolion death worm from the Nick show "The Troop"
  • According to "Lost Tapes" the Mongolian Death Worm was created when the US Goverment/Military Started testing Nuclear weaponry on the Gobi Desert in the 1940/50's
  • It has also made an appearance in The Secret Saturdays video game Beast of the Fifth Sun of as a harmful obstacle.
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