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General Information
Species Half-Human
Half Papuan Giant Spider
Affiliations V.V. Argost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Adhesive Webs
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Claws
Extra Spider Limbs
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One
"Munya is a creature of rage. You may confound him for a moment, but deep down, all he wants is to make you hurt."
V.V. Argost to Zak Saturday in And Your Enemies Closer

Munya is Argost's assistant who serves as the secondary antagonist of the series. He was injected with the DNA of a Papuan Giant Spider to transform into a half-human, half-cryptid monster.


In Munya's human appearance, he heavily resembles Frankenstein's monster. He wears a purple chauffeur outfit with black dress shoes and has what appears to be a monocle in his right eye. His skin is unnaturally pasty and his hair is light purple.

In Munya's mutated appearance, a recurring scene will play showing Munya transforming into his cryptid form. He gains four spider-leg limbs out of his back and his muscle mass greatly increases. In his cryptid form, Munya rips off all clothing on his upper body, revealing an incredible muscular torso, and the only clothing detectable on him is his purple trousers. Munya's monocle also becomes red and enlarged and appears to be a part of his eye.


Munya appears to be much calmer and collected in his human form, a silent, shadowy butler, although he is no less sadistic. He is shown taking great pleasure in watching the Saturdays get hurt going through Weird World as he attempts to kill them. Regardless of his feelings toward Argost's treatment of him, Munya delights in other's suffering.

Once mutated, Munya's more animalistic and bloodthirsty side takes the forefront. He snarls and growls at people as he attempts to kill them with his bare hands. Often, he will have to be led away from a fight before he will stop.

Munya has been shown to hold a grudge, such as his personal vendetta against Doyle and Doc, specifically how he wants to kill them both badly enough that he is frustrated when something prevents him from finishing the job.

The main emotions that Munya expresses are rage and indifference. He's only been shown smiling when hurting someone.


It's never explained why Munya is so loyal to Argost, but he has been a faithful servant since the first episode, The Kur Stone: Part One. In it, Munya breaks into Dr. Grey's research station in Antarctica and takes her piece of the Kur Stone, under Argost's direction. In The Kur Stone: Part Two, Munya is seen flying Argost's warship, firing on the Saturday airship. He later fights Zak when Argost commands him to and eventually gets away with the final piece of the Kur Stone.

Later, in The King of Kumari Kandam, Munya shadows Argost while he plays the part of Kumari Kandam's king, only intervening when Doc and Fiskerton attempt to attack Argost. He loses the fight against Doc but gets away with the Royal Medallion around his neck and Argost over his shoulder.

Although absent for most of Van Rook's Apprentice, Munya arrives at Saturday HQ with Van Rook to take the Alkali Horn while Drew and the rest of the family are out. He takes great pleasure in killing Doc with his own hands but is forced to leave before the deed can be completed, having gotten what he came for.

During the events of Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit, Munya keeps the Saturday family busy while Argost waits for the Cherufe to shed its skin. He doesn't transform, due to the cameras nearby, but helps Argost gather the skin and put it on. He transforms later, when instructed to make sure that Argost isn't "disturbed," and attacks the Saturday airship before being defeated by Zak, Doyle, and a huge avalanche.

Like Argost, Munya is absent for most of Cryptid vs. Cryptid until the very end. Once Zak has cleared the final obstacle to Kur's tomb for them, Munya accompanies Argost further in. Thanks to the artifacts that Argost has collected over the past episodes, Munya's brute force isn't needed until Argost comes to a section of the wall that he wants to be removed: a painting of a Lemurian. Munya removes it and carries it onto Argost's warship.

At the beginning of Target: Fiskerton, Munya breaks Van Rook out of prison before helping Argost intimidate him into taking the job with Piecemeal. He isn't seen again until the end of the episode when he carries off a compliant Fiskerton, who let himself be captured in order to protect Zak.

Munya takes a more active role in the Saturday's downfall in Once More the Nightmare Factory. He is even shown to have charms with their faces on it, specifically so that he can destroy them as he picks off each member of the family. He follows them through Weird World with cameras, waiting for the perfect moments to launch another trap. Munya is eventually found and beaten by Doc, but not before laughing in his face at the thought of having killed the rest of the Saturday family.

Most of The Atlas Pin is spent with Munya flying Argost's warship and dogfighting, which he apparently does poorly, according to Argost. Munya takes the blame for their losing the dogfight and flies Argost home, but not before Fiskerton snatches the Naga's Kur detector from him.

In Shadows of Lemuria, Munya is seen only briefly, flying Argost's warship as his master spends most of the episode attempting to gain control of Fiskerton's Lemurian subconscious. He takes Argost to Antarctica when prompted to without hesitation.

During the events of Kur Rising, Munya is either holding back the Saturdays while Argost savors his destiny, or assisting Argost in getting a handle on what they think is Kur. When facing off with Zak and Fiskerton inside of the beast, Munya makes quick work of dealing with Fiskerton. He grabs Argost when the parasites turn against him and exits the beast relatively unharmed, unlike his master. Despite Argost ordering him to "make them hurt," referring to the Saturdays, Munya spins Argost into a web cocoon and escapes with him over his shoulder.

Six months pass between the events of Kur Rising and Kur: Part One and Part Two. While Argost is healing and, presumably, tracking down the Saturday family and plotting what to do about the revelation that Zak is Kur, Munya has been recording promos for Weird World and set up a convincing decoy to make it look as though Argost was dead. He fought Doyle and Van Rook, though ultimately lost. Not that it mattered, as the entire thing was a diversion while Argost got some alone time to scheme with Zak.

Although Munya was in The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl, his only role was assisting Argost in recording his return debut episode of Weird World.

While Argost was busy in Australia during the events of Into the Mouth of Darkness, Munay went to Dubai. His goal was to capture Argost's old business associate, Baron Finster, in order to prevent Doyle and Van Rook from digging any deeper into Argost's past. Munya succeeded, leaving Finster to be presumed dead.

During The Return of Tsul 'Kalu, Munya is helping Argost to acquire the Xing-Xing, another clue into Argost's past. Munya does help with this, although his real desire is to kill Doyle.

As Argost's plans with Zak come to fruition in And Your Enemies Closer, Munya pilots Argost's warship again as they convince Zak to abandon his family and run with them. Although he regrets it immediately after, Zak is knocked out and wakes up much later, bound by Munya's webbing. When Argost summons Zak Monday, via the Smoke Mirror, Munya ties him with webs too. He sticks webbing to Zak Saturday's head to prevent him from hearing the Flute of Gilgamesh while Argost sucks out Zak Monday's soul in order to gain his anti-Kur powers. Zak manages to get control of Munya long enough to free himself and goes back and forth with Argost, trying to control Munya, before Argost gets the upper hand. When Tsul 'Kalu, Doc, Komodo, and Fiskerton arrive, though, Munya and Argost leave via his warship to wage war another day.

Instead of being with Argost during War of the Cryptids, Munya is sent to invade Paris with the help of Vltava River Sprites and the Allegewi. He's later chased out by Bunyips and Tsul 'Kalu when Argost dies. What happens to him afterwards or whatever he does without Argost is unknown.



  • Munya is a playable fighter in Cartoon Network's game, TKO, with Zak Saturday and Van Rook. Munya can only be in his cryptid form in the game.
    • Ironically, in the game, Munya only uses the spider webs in his super move, his super attack is where he launches a spider web ball at the enemy, making the enemy temporarily unable to move. All of his other moves are physical such as headbutts. His special moves are the Dash Punch and the Aerospike.
  • He is enough cryptid to be controlled by Zak.