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Vital Statistics
Species Naga
Habitat Chao Phraya River, Thailand
Type Humanoid Snake
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Telepathic Control Over Snakes
Affiliations Argost's Army


First appearance Once More the Nightmare Factory

Nagas are intelligent species that resembles a large snake with some human-like characteristics. Their Queen, Rani Nagi, made her first appearance in Once More the Nightmare Factory.


Nagas are highly intelligent cryptids and can use telepathy to control any serpent, from a small garden snake to the Kumari Kandam sea serpent.

They come with a varied number of arms, tails, and heads, as well as with various colors and scale patterns.

Nagas are semi-aquatic, which means they can live both in the water or on the land, and can even breathe underwater.

What we've seen of Naga society isn't very detailed, but they are organized enough to have an entire city built in their nest underground, complete with sentries, detailed architecture, statues (implying they view music and art as something to be cherished, the same as humans), and a throne room for their Queen.

Seeing as how there is only ever one female Naga introduced, it can be assumed that their society functions similarly to beehives. The Queen will lay eggs to produce soldiers and only mate with a male so considers worthy of producing a powerful Queen. Once born, the new Queen will either leave to start her own nest or take over for the previous one, most likely by killing her.

Rani Nagi

Main article: Rani Nagi

Naga Kanya


The Naga Kanya is one of the Nagas in allegiance with Rani Nagi. This Naga is orange in color and wears red, with gold armbands and a gold chest plate. He has a cobra hood and seems to be the only Naga with one.

This Naga seems to be one of Rani Nagi's right-hand man, as she trusted him enough to personally deliver a message to Kur, once the truth of their master's new identity was revealed. He is one of the only other two nagas, other than their Queen, to be given a speaking role in an episode. To Zak, in the episode Kur: Part One, he says, "The loyal ones will always know."

Naga Lao of Mekong


The Naga Lao of Mekong is another one of the nagas in allegiance with Rani Nagi. In real life, this creature is reported all over Mekong and Chao Phraya Rivers.

It is said that this naga is capable of breathing fire, although no such ability has been demonstrated on screen.

It resembles a coral snake, with its colorations and patterns. It wears gold chest armor and wristbands.

Naga Phya


This naga is one of the nagas in allegiance with Rani Nagi. Rather than having extra limbs or tails or arms, this naga Is more snake-like than other nagas, being plainly colored and having a longer, more serpentine next. He is green in color, being lighter on his underbelly, and wears a red and gold armor piece with gold wrist bands.

Sightings for this cryptid have been reported all over the Mekong River.

Naga of Sri Lanka


The Naga of Sri Lanka is one of the nagas in allegiance with Rani Nagi. This naga resembles a human snake hybrid, possessing more noticeably human face traits. It is said to be living in India and surrounding islands just off of the coast.

It is a blue-colored, three-fingered naga that wears a golden chest plate held in place with purple bands, along with mostly fabric armbands with golden accents.

The lack of gold along with the less study armor could indicate that this naga is of lesser status in the Queen's eyes.

Cambodian Naga


The Cambodian Naga is a double-headed Naga that is green in color. It also has four arms and two tails. Its armor is merely a small piece of gold held in place over its abdomen by two crossing pieces of red fabric.

Although it has two heads, it does not have separate intelligence.

Indian Naga


The Indian Naga is the only one of his kind to wear a helmet, which shown to be covered in spikes. His armor also has spiked shoulder pads, although he wears noticeably less gold than the others. If not gold, it is unclear what his armor is made out of to get the unique, reddish-orange coloration.

His skin is red and he has no noticeable pattern or markings. Notably, though, he has tentacles in place of hands.

Black Naga


This Naga appears to dress much more regally than the others, having a red tunic with an elaborate gold covering to serve as protection. Not only does he have golden armbands, but he has two strapped around his forearms, as well. His skin is back, with a dark green underbelly and no visible pattern or other distinguishing markings.

This is the third Naga in the show with a voiced line, as he cries out for Rani Nagi in The Atlas Pin and addresses Zak as, "my master, Kur," during one of his nightmarish visions of the future in The Return of Tsul 'Kalu.


  • In Buddhism, the nagas are the enemies of the Garudas, minor deities resembling gigantic eagles, who eat them. This explains the Nagas' disliking of the Legion of Garuda.