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Vital Statistics
Species Unknown
Habitat Fiji
Type Huge Bird
Abilities flight

Enhanced Strength

Affiliations Zak's Army
Status unknown
First appearance Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit

The Nagni-Vatu, called the Fijian Man-Eating Bird in the show. Its first appearance was in Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit.

Close up of the bird's head


The Nagni-Vatu is a large, about 15 feet from head to tail, bird like cryptid. Its body feathers are light green while the wing, face, tail feathers are red, and its wing span is about 10 feet across.

Doyle claimed to ride one while escaping from Baron Finster.

Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit.

Doyle rescues the giant bird from Baron Finster.

War of the Cryptids.

Zak uses these "Giant Archaeopteryx" soldiers.