Neural Parasite
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Vital statistics
Species Neural Parasite
First appearance The Kur Stone:Part One

The Neural Parasite is a small creature similar in appearance to a manta ray. It was first seen in The Kur Stone:Part One.


It feeds on the nervous system, converting impulses into radiant energy waves. These waves can be "tuned into" neural recorders, if the frequency is known, allowing everything that is seen and heard by the parasite's host to be received.

Although the parasite transmits frequencies, the host maintains use of their own body. V.V. Argost found a way to control hosts by tapping into the parasite's frequency waves. Strangely enough, we know parasites today that are able to control the functions of its victims. These parasites are only single-celled organisms that need a host, unlike the show's neural parasite.


The Kur Stone:Part One.

Argost used one of these parasites on Henry Cheveyo to control him

Target: Fiskerton.

Argost electrocutes Piecemeal through a parasite on his neck to prevent him from eating Fiskerton.

Shadows of Lemuria.

Argost tries to connect to Fiskerton's brain using a neural parasite. It connected to every member of the Saturday family, except Doyle.

Life in the Underground.

Argost gives Zak one for his birthday.

And Your Enemies Closer.

Zak uses it on Fiskerton to get information from Argost on how to defeat The Revolving Beast.

Point of interest

  • Parasite

    Neural Parasite on Dr Cheveyo's back

    Impulses taken by it (before conversion) can be read and analyzed with special equipment.
  • The parasite has organs that help it send impulses back into host organisms that allow it to control or damage other organisms. Special equipment can be used to send other impulses with use of parasite organ.
  • Photosynthesis mainly occurs in the "wings" of the creature. They have the same purpose as leaves of a plant, to "capture" light produced by the sun, or in this case, by a creature itself (energy=animal impulses).


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