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Vital Statistics
Species Ornithocheirus simus
Habitat Ocean coasts
Type Pterosaur
Abilities flight

super strength

First appearance The Kur Stone:Part Two
"You're leaving me here with the pteranodon?"
Dr. Paul Cheechoo in The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes.

The Ornithocheirus is a true animal that went extinct a long time ago. It was first seen in The Kur Stone:Part Two.


The reason it is a cryptid is because they may still live with us today, or at least a closely related species. It is not uncommon to hear about living pterosaurs in cryptozoology. The Ornithocheirus was a late cretaceous Pterosaur that is known for its crested snout. The creature's wingspans can vary from 8 ft., to 20 ft. Very little is known about these flying reptiles.


In the Show


Ornithocheirus eat fish as their main diet. They perform a unique swooping and diving motion. It's fast and effective. Zon is also interested in the living sea scorpions. Doyle also gave Zon some fried lobster as a reward.

Points of Interest

  • Razor sharp teeth and talons
  • Zon is a subspecies of present day Ornithocheirus