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Dr. Paul Cheechoo
Where Lies the Englufer Cheechoo.png
General Information
Species Human
Affiliations Secret Scientists
Occupation(s) Meteorologist (specializing in cold weather)
Voice Actor Danny Cooksey
First Appearance The Kur Stone: Part One

Dr. Paul Cheechoo is one of The Secret Scientists, an expert in cold-weather research, and a friend of Doc Saturday and Drew Saturday. He made his first appearance in The Kur Stone: Part One.


Dr. Cheechoo is a tall man with a sturdy build and wide shoulders. His hair is black and styled into two spikes that point forward. He wears a more modernized version of traditional Inuit snow goggles.

Beneath his heavy black winter coat, Dr. Cheechoo wears a grey turtle neck. He has white gloves, red pants that are white below the knees, and white snowshoes.


Dr. Cheechoo has been shown to be quite friendly and has a good sense of humor. He has a fondness for Zak's antics, meaning he could have a soft spot for kids, and enjoys watching the Saturdays playfully argue with each other. Dr. Cheechoo describes them as "entertaining."

He is good-natured even when being sarcastic, such as when he told Doyle, "On behalf of my country, thanks for killing a lake."


Dr. Cheechoo specializes in cold weather research so he and his team travel the world investigating geological anomalies. His first appearance was as part of a flashback in The Kur Stone: Part One, confirming that he was one of the original Secret Scientists who survived the assault on Weird World.

At the beginning of The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes, he mentions doing research near Inuit piercing domes and stumbling upon what appears to be an ancient burial ground. By disturbing it, his team awakens the Amarok, which attacks Dr. Cheechoo at his base. He manages to hold it off with his bare fists until the Saturdays arrive and get him safely back to their airship for first-aid.

In Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit, he calls the Saturdays to a ski resort near a volcano to investigate strange, animalistic noises that his sonar picked up coming from it. Dr. Cheechoo in his team work for most of the episode to stem the lava flow, and he introduces the Saturdays to the village at the foot of the volcano as the people who saved their town.

He was at the meeting in Eterno with the other Secret Scientists working to fix the water crisis in the Middle East, and helped Zak, Wadi, and Fiskerton navigate the gravity-defying stalagnal matrix in order to get to the Methuselah Tree.

He appears briefly in Paris is Melting as one of the Secret Scientists who was attacked by Fiskerton. Dr. Beeman mentions him being hurt very badly, to the point of being in a full-body cast.

Dr. Cheechoo only appears at the end of Where Lies the Engulfer after the lake that attacked Zak and Doyle has been cemented. He says to them, "It would be nice for once if you guys could visit my country without wrecking our ecosystem."

For much of season two, Dr. Cheechoo isn't seen, although he's not helping the other Secret Scientists try to capture Zak. Still, when he calls Doc in And Your Enemies Closer to ask for help with the Revolving Beast destroying Dr. Beeman's lab, Doc greets him with a cold tone and seems none-too-happy to see him. Zak remarks that Dr. Cheechoo is "trying to kidnap and cryogenically freeze" him, which Dr. Cheechoo agrees with, meaning that he's sided with the other Secret Scientists even if he isn't actively hunting Zak.

Although he wasn't seen on either side in War of the Cryptids, Dr. Cheechoo attended Van Rook's funeral along with Dr. Miranda Grey, implying that his relationship with the Saturdays is friendly again.



  • Due to his snow goggles and known Canadian residency, Dr. Cheechoo is more than likely of Eskimo heritage.
  • Dr. Cheechoo lives within an evening's walk of the Saturdays, as confirmed in Paris is Melting. Because Dr. Cheechoo also makes references to living in Canada, this means that he and the Saturdays both live close to the U.S./Canadian border.
    • This is further supported in Sticks and Stones, where Zak makes reference to Saturday HQ being in the Pacific Northwest.