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Vital Statistics
Species Unknown
Habitat Zanzibar, Africa
Type Bat
Abilities Flight, Enhaced strength, Sharp claws
Status unknown
First appearance The King of Kumari Kandam

Popobawa is the cryptid that made it's first appearance in The King of Kumari Kandam.


The Popobawa is an evil spirit, or shetani, which is believed by residents to have first appeared on the Tanzanian island of Pemba

Popobawa is a Swahili name which translates literally as "bat-wing" (from Swahili popo, "bat", and bawa, "wing"). This name is said to have originated as a description of the dark shadow cast by the spirit when it attacks at night: it does not refer to the actual form of the spirit, which is liable to change. Swahili speakers also use a plural form of the name—mapopobawa—to refer to multiple manifestations of the feared spirit. This plural is Anglicized as "Popobawas"

Popobawa is a shapeshifter and described as taking different forms, not just that of a bat as its name implies. It can take either human or animal form, and metamorphose from one into the other.