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Vital Statistics
Habitat Asia
Type Manticore
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Affiliations Kur
Status Alive
First appearance Cryptid vs. Cryptid

Rakshasha is a majestic, purple, feline-like cryptid that guards Kur's Tomb. It made its first and only appearance in Cryptid vs. Cryptid.


In Cryptid vs. Cryptid, It got out because Argost made a plan that tricked Zak to get it out. At first, it seems like a monster; but, it is actually friendly. There may be wild Rakshashas in Asia. Many legends depict this creature as a demon warrior. The Rakshasha were also said to be a half human, half beast. Very little is known about this creature due to lack of positive evidence. Fiskerton must fight one.

It appeared in the video game Hunt for the Kur Stone.

This cryptid species of Rakshasha is not to be confused or mixed up with the warriors and tribes of Asia.


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The Rakshasha can copy its arms and head when it's stressed and to fend off enemies that try to fight it by getting on its back. Also it possesses a sonic roar. The Rakshasha was known for its shape-changing abilities. They could take the shape of most beasts. They were also said to have magic abilities.

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This certain species could be a member of a whole community of carnivorous shape-shifters.

The ancient Hindu scrolls left a wide gap in the roles and appearances of the Rakshasha, but some modern views classify it as a feline, and this is probably the most abundant of the forms. It also seems that the appearance of this creature could have been based on Asian foo dogs, or "Guardian Lions".



  • In some languages, Rakshasha means "protector".
  • The Rakshasha seems to trust Zak instinctively, probably because Zak is Kur — the one who's tomb it guarded over for thousands of years.
  • In India and neighboring countries, Rakshasha means "monster" or "demon".
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