Saturday Hybrid
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Vital statistics
Species Saturday Hybrid
First appearance Ghost in the Machine

Saturday Hybrid is a cryptid mix of Zak Saturday, Fiskerton, and Komodo. It made its first and only appearance in Ghost in the Machine.


The Saturday Hybrid was created when they were combined in a machine, created by Dr. Lee and his fellow scientists, to make cryptid soldiers in Ghost in the Machine. It shares the three brains of the boys, so it doesn't think very well. It has characteristics of all the boys. It can also turn invisible like Komodo, and swing through the trees like Fiskerton.

Later they are transformed back to their normal forms.


Points of Interest

  • It is unknown if this cryptid has Zak's Power or not.
  • Its left hand is roughly drawn and very furry.
  • It existed for 3 minutes and about 50 seconds (TV time).


  • We have no idea how Zak's shirt was sown back together when he was turned back to normal.


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