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The second season of The Secret Saturdays premiered on November 7, 2009 on Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of the Saturdays, a family of cryptozoologists that work to keep the truth about cryptids from getting out, in order to protect both the human race and the creatures themselves.


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# Image Title First aired
1 1000 (163).png Kur: Part One November 7, 2009

In the six months since the discovery at Antarctica, the Saturdays have been running from the other Secret Scientists, who wish to take Zak into custody to prevent any "problems". Zak and the rest of the family struggle to understand the powers of Kur and deal with the threat of the Nagas, Doyle and Zon reluctantly enlist the help of a now penniless Van Rook to find the missing V.V. Argost.

2 1000 (124) - Copy.png Kur: Part Two November 14, 2009

After traveling to the wrong location Hong Kong, the Saturdays quickly head to New York City, where the Nagas will be starting the "War Against the Human Race". After honing the power to stop the invasion, Zak ultimately decides to align himself with V.V. Argost, who offers to teach Zak how to control the powers of Kur through Weird World.

3 1000 (19).png The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl November 21, 2009

After listening to the cryptic advice of V.V. Argost, Zak urges his family to head to Mexico to deal with the Ahuizotl. But during a mini-vacation before going on their search, they are ambushed by Miranda Grey and Deadbolt. After the battle, they then wander into jungle village where the majority of the villagers have lost their eyes. The Saturdays split up and Zak sneaks off to find the Ahuizotl. The Ahuizotl attacks the family, but a young girl from the village named Tiacapan comes to their aid. As the Saturdays ward away the cryptid, Tiacapan reveals that the village is going to sacrifice Miranda to the beast. After saving her, in the ensuing battle, Zak discovers that he can now sense the movements of cryptids. Using this to re-seal the cryptid into its tomb, the family leaves and Zak is forbidden to watch TV due to using "Weird World" as an excuse to go to Mexico.

4 Into the Mouth of Darkness.png Into the Mouth of Darkness December 5, 2009

The Saturdays begin searching for the Epic of Gilgamesh, which would help them in finding a solution to Zak's Kur power. After finding clues that the tablet was taken by Vikings from the lair of an Algerian Sea Centipede, the family heads to Greenland. Instead, they end up in Australia when the airship gets infested by Bunyips by V.V. Argost. Zak finds himself having to keep the secret of his alliance with Argost, while also fighting along side his parents to keep up the charade and locate the monster of the abandoned mine. Leaving the rest of his family in the dust, Zak confronts Argost alone. Realizing from Argost that he was the monster the cryptids were fearing and that his powers had started to corrupt him, he lets him escape and hides this revelation from his parents. Meanwhile, Doyle and Van Rook track down Baron Finster in order to uncover the secrets of Argost's past. The duo learns that Argost wasn't always how he currently was: he used to be a completely penniless man.

5 The Legion of Garuda.png The Legion of Garuda December 12, 2009

After recovering the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Saturdays learn about a sect of Indian sorcerers who were able to drive out the spirit of Kur in the past and they attempt to find them, in hope that group can do it again. However, they were attacked by the Secret Scientists again, but managed to escape. Eventually, they met Gokul who is the headmaster of the Legion of Garuda. They learned that in order to drive out the spirit of Kur a ritual, using an artifact known as the "Flute of Gilgamesh", must be performed. Unfortunately, the Nagas had stolen the artifact millennia ago. The Saturdays successfully retrieved the artifact and the ritual was carried out. Unfortunately, it was revealed midway that driving out Kur's spirit meant killing him: especially since Zak is Kur himself rather than someone possessed by him. And if that happens Zak will die along with Kur's spirit. The Saturdays, the Secret Scientists, and the Nagas teamed up and saved Zak from this fate, but Gokul had escaped. After they left the site, Argost came and took the flute.

6 The Return of Tsul 'Kalu.png The Return of Tsul 'Kalu December 19, 2009

The Saturdays return to their headquarters to retrieve tomes from Drew's library and are ambushed by Tsul 'Kalu, a cryptid whose hand relic now resides at the end of Zak's Claw. It turns out he was the one who blinded Doc's eye when Zak accidentally caused a rockslide, destroying an important stone relic. Zak finally defeats him and learns a valuable lesson through visions (what the Tsul 'Kalu feared most) caused by the Claw in the creature's presence. By the end of the episode Tsul 'Kalu gives Zak his staff showing that he thinks he deserves it and becomes his ally. Meanwhile Doyle and Van Rook are in Morocco to find the cryptid black market (following the lead given to them by Baron Finster), are ambushed by Abby, Munya and Argost. Doyle beats Abby in a fight while Van Rook protects a cryptid dealer. As it turned out, Argost was really after an orange ape-like cryptid the dealer had in his possession.

7 The Unblinking Eye.png The Unblinking Eye January 9, 2010

While the Saturdays are resting in the Sahara Desert, Epsilon and Francis show up saying they want to recruit Kur. Epsilon tells Zak that Francis will be the one to train him. When Zak declines they decide to take him by force. Once the Saturdays get on the airship Zak tells his parents that he wants to help a cryptid because he "wants to do some good" and they go to Istanbul to extract the Lake Van Monster. But the operation hits a snag when Epsilon and Francis show up again. Drew and Doc want Zak to run, but he is determined to help the cryptid, saying that is what they do and that he needs to help something instead of running. Epsilon's "people" have a satellite with the Naga's Kur detecting relic in it, helping them find Zak wherever they go. Doc uses the Griffin to go up into space. After find out that Epsilon's people have a giant space station floating in space, Doc locates the Naga's Kur detecting relic and destroys it. Francis finds Zak trying to help the cryptid and says he is "painfully predictable". He then reveals that he is not Epsilon's son, but they are both clones of their people's best agent from one hundred years ago. Francis lets Zak escape and Zak sets the Lake Van Monster free.

8 Mapinguari.png Life in the Underground January 16, 2010

Zak's birthday party is filled with surprises, including a visit from Ulraj and Wadi. The Saturdays find out a town is being attacked by cryptids. When the Saturdays come to investigate, they are attacked. Zak's crush for Wadi and hers for him are made more open in this episode. Zak later encounters Argost in a clock tower, who hints at Kur's ability to control an entire army of cryptids from long distances. Zak, Wadi and Ulraj pursue the cryptids underground. Eventually, they fall into a pit that starts to fill with dirt. As they were being buried alive, Zak remembered Argost's words and managed to summon one of the cryptids to save them. The three soon learn that the cryptids were actually making a survival colony to save themselves from Kur. Realizing this, Zak assures the cryptids that he has no intention to harm them or anyone and ultimately earns their trust. Zak returns to the clock tower to thank Argost, who then gives Zak a neural parasite to contact him with should the need arise, despite Fisk's objections.

9 Revolvingbeast Form1.jpg And Your Enemies Closer January 23, 2010

Doc, Zak, and Fiskerton strike a bargain with the Secret Scientists: the Saturdays will remove a cryptid from Beeman's Lab in exchange for a six-month truce. The Saturdays try and fail to restrain the cryptid themselves so Zak uses the neural parasite to contact Argost who provides the solution, though the neural parasite is discovered and Zak flees with Argost before being rendered unconscious by Argost. Meanwhile Doyle and Van Rook have met up with Drew and the Tibetan monks and made their way to the lair of the Yeti: the beast that attacked the Blackwell camp years ago and separated the family. Argost unveils his plan to bring Zak Monday into their universe and use the Flute of Gilgamesh to siphon his powers, killing him, as well as reveals himself to be a yeti as Doyle and Drew discover the mold used to make his mask. Zak takes control of Munya using his powers to defend himself from Argost, but is only rescued by Doc, Fiskerton, Komodo, as well as Tsul Kalu as Argost flees to raise his cryptid army.

10 War of the Cryptids 029.PNG War of the Cryptids January 30, 2010

Argost starts his cryptid invasion of the Earth with himself leading an assault on Washington D.C. After the Saturday's arrive, a fight ensues. Zak goes to confront Argost where he tells him that he too has raised a cryptid army of his own with Wadi, Ulraj, Tsul 'Kalu and many more cryptid friends he has made throughout the show acting as de facto generals. Drew and Doyle join the fight and demand that Argost admit he killed their parents. The Secret Scientists then show up armed with an audio recording of the Flute of Gilgamesh which they use to hurt Argost and Zak. However Miranda Grey, not wanting to kill Zak, destroys the controls to Beeman's ship and Argost escapes with the flute recording. Having retreated to Weird World, he is confronted by the Nagas who pledge their allegiance to Argost. Argost then, on the Naga's advise, orders his army to begin massacring the humans. The Saturdays once again invade Weird World where they begin fighting the Nagas. During the fight Argost appears and asks that Zak face him alone. However, Rani Nagi takes Drew's fire sword and tries to shoot her but Van Rook jumps in front of the blast and dies. Zak, realizing his family may also soon die, agrees to Argost's terms. Argost then surrounds himself with sound-proof glass and uses the flute recording to steal Zak's powers and transfers them to him which kills Zak. However since Zak Monday's powers are antimatter and Zak Saturday's are matter they cancelled each other out, causing Argost to be destroyed in a huge explosion. Zak then wakes up on the airship having been dead for a few minutes but revived by his parents. Everyone is overjoyed once they realize that since Zak's powers were cancelled out with Zak Monday's powers and that Argost was killed in the process the Earth has been saved and Zak's cryptid controlling powers gone. The episode ends with the Saturdays paying their respects at Van Rook's grave as a news anchorman reports on the incident saying global climate change is likely to blame and asks if the cryptids left either because they chose to or if the planet owes a debt to a group of unsung heroes.